Saturday, June 20, 2009

V/A BORN TO METALIZE Compilation LP(1984)

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01.randal flagg this life
03.the shape

04.ultrasonic metal
05.dirty harry
06.sneak attack

07.can't run from evil
08.witch hunter
09.tortured dog

10.rogues march
11.gloomy sunday

What can I say, this is where I first heard New Jersey's Hades. Most the bands on here were from Jersey, and one of them from NY. The bands are pretty obscure, and prolly aren't all to relevant to many people(cept for maybe Hades). The bands did however have a impact on me. The Sneak Attack song "ultrasonic metal" is brilliant. I can listen to that song over and over and over. Its epic.
This record came out during the time in metal when strange things were happening. You had Nwobhm style bands trying to jump ship, and start playing faster, and heavier because it was sorta easy to see that that was the future of metal. I think you can sorta hear that in most these bands on this comp, they are semi stuck in a weird metal purgatory.
I'm sorta shocked that I bought this record because the cover art is just so awful. Back then the cover was helpful in selling me a record. Today I think the cover is bad, in a good way. Its funny, and made me laugh when I pulled it out after years of neglect.
The Tortured Dog song "can't run from evil" has a few skips in it. I kept it on anyways, because its a awesome song. Please comment.


  1. That is one hellofa cover!!!

    Hades rocked - they were king of kings!

  2. Stuff like this is exactly why this is the best blog on the interweb. I think I like Sneak Attack best of all.

  3. beautiful metal

  4. I remember seeing this in the cut-out bins when the record stores stated to get rid of all the vinyl.The cover was so bad I woul'nt even pay a buck for this back in the day,now I have no choice but to hear it........

  5. Just back from Hawaii, I will be getting some stuff up this week.

    Yeah the cover alone is enough to keep most collectors away from this fucker.

  6. The Beast fucking rock. Thanks for posting this one. Great stuff.

  7. This is the best obscure US metal compilation ever, killer metal!!
    My Fav is "Rogues March" , fuckin epic cult!

  8. thanks so much. Such obscure metal!

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  10. I had this album...hahaha pretty awful for sure. The cover art kills!!!

  11. Luis Ocampo (medellin). I'm following that strange stuffs, specially the band 'The Beast'.I'm looking all about this band, like demos and more material. Here we know one copy of the 7" ep. I'ts really amazing.

  12. That's exactly the metal i like to listen!thanks

  13. Dude!!! You have no idea how long I been looking for these songs. Awesome post. I used to listed to -Is this life- over and over and over... good times! Thank you so much you made my day.

  14. Wicked excelent download.

    I was looking for Tortured Dog information & music as I know Ralph. Since I'm unlikely to ever find the actual vinyl, this is just as good.

  15. Is this the band "THE BEAST" from LI?
    If so..I have 2 Lp's from these guys..they used to play Sundance all the time..
    I got shot in the back for a BIG MAC ATTACK

  16. Maybe I should have listened to it..I don't think this is the same band...haha

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  18. Tortured Dog were my local underground metal heroes growing up. DROP TO YOUR KNEES. HAIL TORTURED DOG! - Jimmy Mac!

  19. Tortured Dog, oh yes, my local heroes! Ralph, the guitarist was asked by Mustaine to join the first Megadeth line up, he declined. He ended up playing the blues and is still very active musically with an instrumental surf band called The Octomen. He wrote more than an entire album's worth of songs for megaforce records back in the early 80's but they refused to record or release any of his music. Rock on Rattlesnake Ralph, you're still great dude!