Friday, June 12, 2009

SUBHUMANS-incorrect thoughts LP(1985)

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01 The Scheme
02 New Order
03 Behind My Smile
04 Out Of Line
05 Big Picture
06 Dead At Birth
07 Urban Guerillas
08 War In The Head
09 Firing Squad
10 Slave To My Dick
11 Death To The Sickoids
12 Greaser Boy
13 Model Of Stupidity
14 We're Alive
15 Refugee

Well, I purchased this record originally thinking it was the Subhumans U.K. , I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were more than just one Subhumans. The band I accidentally found out were Canadian.
The music on this LP is so fucking poppy and catchy that it makes you want to dance and sing. Its a flawless punk record from start to finish. Don't get me wrong, its still raw and punk as fuck. The lyrics are very political and to me at the time were pretty meaningful. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hear this in 1980 when it originally came out. I didn't catch it til around 1986 when it was repressed on cd records. When you think about the fact that this came out in 1980, its sorta unreal. The band was very much ahead of their time.
I've always said that the Templars totally stole these guys sound. I'm okay with that... I love both bands. Seriously give this a spin and tell me yo don't hear the Templars and maybe even some Leatherface.

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the scheme

They said that we can’t
Play for the big man
We were too outspoken
They think that they can choke us out
Rip off the punks
The big promoters rake the grands
One hundred and fifty bucks
Is all the assholes pay the bands

I can’t stand the new regime
Commercial rock, new wave pop
Mindless music
I’ve seen through the scheme
I won’t suck for success
What’s the point of songs about pointless trash

And they wonder why
That all the punks are mad
Why don’t we grow up
And play their game
Well if you don’t know
I guess that’s cool
But if you think we’re jerks
Then you’re a bloody fool


  1. thanks! this is rad

  2. hi Nate, yeah, this SUBHUMANS LP is really great.
    maybe you have their 2nd Lp , "no wishes, no prayers" as well ??? cause i have never heard this one till today.
    thanx for up dateing!yeah, of course SODOM is great!

  3. that is hilarious. I bought my copy on accident as well, also thinking it was the UK band.

  4. thanks. completely rad!

  5. looking forward to this, Thanks!


    real good lp! Ill look forward a real copy! Hehe.

  7. Wow, that song "Behind My Smile" used to be on a mix tape I got from a friend in 1990 or so. I never knew who did that but I always loved the song. Totally cool to find it on this LP. Best lyrics.

  8. Hey, this was a very nice surprise for me! Thanks alot!

  9. Back when I was a teenager, I was totally into the UK band, but now I'm more into these guys. Great, solid songwriting; melodic without sacrificing their edge. Just an all around awesome band. I didn't have this LP and it rocks. Thanks!

  10. The Subhumans shared a member or two with that other Canadian stalwart D.O.A. (IIRC it was the bassist Dimwit)

  11. i did the same thing and i was very glad i did, i grew to love them much more then the UK band very quickly

  12. "The Subhumans shared a member or two with that other Canadian stalwart D.O.A. (IIRC it was the bassist Dimwit)"

    and the singer Brian Goble played bass for DOA for a decade and a half before re-forming The Subhumans.

    They wanted to re-release Incorrect Thoughts, but they don't own the rights to it so they've re-recorded the entire thing plus a few extra songs from back in the day they've never recorded before. should be coming out soon

  13. the copy you have was the CD Presents version that was released without the band's input or permission. They added 2 compilation tracks (songs 3&4), the changed the track listing and the cover. The band never received any royalties.

    Now CD Presents is back and re-released Incorrect Thoughts on emusic and itunes (for only $6!) right before the Subhumans released 'Same Thoughts Different Day'. Scumbags.

    Here's Gerry Hannah's blog about the whole thing

  14. I would have preffered to read the lyrics to track # 10, i am wondering if it talks of what i am thinking it does.