Tuesday, January 29, 2008

DARKNESS-death squad LP (1987)

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1. Invasion Sector 12
2. Critical Threshold
3. Death Squad
4. Staatsfeind
5. Tarsman of Chor
6. Faded Pictures
7. Iron Force
8. Burial at Sea
9. Phantasmagoria

More neck snapping, frantic, under the radar, grade A German thrash metal. The best thing about this album to me has always been the complex guitar solos, and the tight, rapid drumming. Lots of German high speed riffing here, that doesn't get boring!
I bought this in around 1989 because I liked the cover art (sorta reminded me of the Slayer pic disc, plus members were baring MDC and DRI shirts on the back cover. The bands influence on me can be seen in a band I was in that named ourselves after the title of this album, DeathSquad. I love this one, always have.
Comment or die!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

UNHUMAN SOCIETY DEATH demo tape (1988?)

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1.bad reality
2.fine arts
4.stay alert
5.detect the news insincerity

I got this in the late 80's or early 1990 in a tape trade with someone overseas in Japan (I think). I know absolutely nothing about these guys, other than this was recorded at the infamous Our House.
Harsh sounding, Japanese crusty hardcore, that at times reminds me vocally of Bastard. Great stuff, totally bass heavy and raw. Some what metallic, for my crossover friends on here. Leave a comment if you dig it.


V/A EMPTY SKULLS:the wound deepens LP (1986)

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E.A.T.E.R. (Sweden)
1.abort the system
2.death wish
3.she's not leaving
HALFLIFE (Pittsburgh)
4.old glory
5.wise up
6.kill everyone now
7.i hate paper cuts
10.center of the world
11.eye for an eye
12.negative outlook
13.dying world
15.looking back
CLOERA (Brazil)
16.Em voce
17.De O Fora
PANDEMONIUM (the Netherlands)
18.wir gegen fahren Nazis
19.sucks to this wall
CRUDE S.S. (Sweden)
20.Svensson, Svensson
UGLY AMERICANS (North Carolina)
21.Buffalo Bill

This is one of the first international compilations I'd ever purchased(among the Peace comp, MRR comp,and Cleanse the bacteria), under the advice of Andy Anderson who was working at the Record Vault on Polk Street in S.F.
It blows my mind listening to this today, just as much as it did in 1986. There are so many great songs and bands on here, that its really hard to pick favorites. I mean a comp with bands from Sweden, Brazil, and Holland on it? This was my first exposure to Dutch giants Pandemonium, and E.A.T.E.R. from Sweden, their song "abort the system"...fuck, so great. Also lots of note worthy U.S. bands such as C.O.C. (the only band I was familiar with before buying this), Justice League, etc.
This defiantly brings me back to the early days, and makes me feel old hearing the crackles and pops of this old wax... but thats part of the nostalgia. Enjoy, and please comment if you download.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

STIKKY demo tape 1 & 2 (1985 & '86)

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Demo #1 1985
1.Ja hooa's guys
2.8 hour shift
3.when mom finds out i drink
4.blind date
5.conceptual realizations
6.stop n go
7.california lottery
8.team Gilligan
9.this is rock n roll

Demo #2 1986
1.weird intro
2.the scene has suffered
3.Republican children
4.typical chick
5.fashion risk
6.up in flames
7.on top o the world
8. N.I.F.
9.wayne is big
10.we play pool
11.cow tipping
12.i'm in charge

For me when I think of Stikky I think of fun. These guys were a Bay Area hardcore band that I was lucky enough to see at Gilman street almost weekly. Seriously, in those days either them, Isocracy, Operation Ivy, Corrupted Morals, Sweet baby Jesus, or the Lookouts were opening a bill for a touring punk band. Stikky played "wacky" joke filled hardcore that was done in a fast, sloppy manner. I love the song "on top 'o the world", as it was on a tape comp that my band was on as well, the tape was called Lethal Noise vol 2.
I believe both these demos are pre Chris Dodge, who later joined the band and put records out on his label, Sap A Ham records. These guys almost invented "powerviolence". Demo #2 is better in my opinion, as its faster, and tighter punk. Enjoy, and comment if you want more.



DEFIANCE -product of society LP (1989)

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1.the fault
2.death machine
3.product of society
7.deadly intentions

These guys were one of the Bay Area second string speed metal/thrash bands. This and the demo are about all I can stomach by these dudes. The only reason I know anything about them at all is because I saw them with my buddy Kenny D. at the Stone on Broadway. Dude used to drag me to all the metal gigs in SF.
I think these guys got attention due to ex Vio-lence members? These guys were def heavily influenced by the likes of Testament, and the bay area cash in. At any rate I ended up with this LP and thought I should share it.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

AGRESSION-don't be mistaken LP (1983)

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1.it can happen
2.brain bondage
3.non person
4.body count
5.money machine
6.no mercy
7.don't be mistaken
8.intense energy
10.locals only
12.secret sex
13.stop the clock
14.cat killer

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Agression were a Southern California Skate/surf punk party band from the early 80's (one of the og Nardcore bands dude). When I think of them I'd usually thought of Mystic records, or Doug Moody. This version of the LP came out on BYO, and featured 14 catchy punk anthems. The back cover reads like a punk historical guide for the time, as the front cover was done by Glen Friedman, the drawings and art were done by Jaime Hernandez(love and rockets comics). The singer Mark Hickey, and guitarist Henry Knowles died in recent years (2000 & 2002).
I was lucky to have seen these guys a couple times with my buddy Zoran in the mid 80's in S.F. (once at the farm). I recall them throwing the live LP out to the audience at one of the shows, almost started a riot.
Enjoy this, I ripped it straight from the wax today, sorry for the snaps and pops.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

IMPALER-if we had brains we'd be dangerous LP (1986)

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Impaler were from some shit town in Wisconsin, and formed in 1983. This album is priceless, as its just all over the place musically. Its apparent that its influenced from the likes of Priest, Alice Cooper, Venom, the Stooges, Dead Boys, and even Manowar. These guys play a bit heavier, and sleazier than the for mentioned bands though. The LP was produced by Bob Mould of Husker Du.
I discovered this album through my buddy Devon Cahill, who obviously bought it due to the hilarious cover art. Another great find at Worlds Records in Albany NY.
Enjoy, and leave a comment if you download...that keeps me motivated, and gives me an idea of what people are enjoying on here.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

FEAR OF GOD cassette tape (1988)

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1.pneumatic slaughter
2.the two sides of the coin
4.locked away
5.rubbish planet(no vocals)/Rubbish planet (with vocals)

1.77 punk rock attack from mars
2.world under my fingernail
3.one-day fly

When I first heard Fear of God it was in 1988. I can remember the day clearly, because I'd never heard anything as harsh as it up until then. I was confused as hell, and couldn't believe my ears. The vox sounding like grandfatherly burps, farts, and screams.. seriously noisy as fuck, especially considering the year that this shit came out. This was some of the Lowest Fi stuff I'd ever heard. These guys really helped define the genre of grind.
The band was from Switzerland, and was comprised of punks and metalheads(the bassist was in Messhia I believe?). The singer did the legendary Off the Disk record label. The band released an amazing 21 song ep, and a beautiful looking gatefold LP (that was filled with live stuff).
My friends Louis, Damon, Mike J, and Nick would blast this tape 17 years ago, as we drove around upstate NY using a slingshot to take out McDonalds windows. We loved Fear of God, and hated fast food.
This tape belonged to my buddy Louis who was a world wide tape trader in the 80's. This one he got straight from the band. The cassette includes a lot of stuff, much of it rehearsals and live stuff. I only put two of the five "sets" on here. The first is the rough mix from the ep-demo (1987). The second is a short rehearsal from 1988 featuring a funny sarcastic punk rock song. enjoy.



APPENDIX money is not my currency LP (1983)

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1.however we die
4.humbles lick
7.run die
8.pigs without sex
9.money is not my currency
11.life flows to a drain
14.dream of a cop
15.mentally ill

This upload is for the 3 people who enjoy hardcore that visit my blog.... cheers!
When I first Heard Appendix over 20 years ago I thought they were German, little did I know that these guys were probably the first punk band from Finland that I'd heard. This is the Rock-o Rama version (it was licensed from another label). Appendix are one of the original international hardcore bands that people should know, or at least try to hear. Catchy punk as fuck hardcore that varies in just about every speed.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

IRON ANGEL-hellish crossfire LP (1985)

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1.the Metallion
2.sinner 666
3.black mass
4.the church of the lost souls
5.hunter in chains
6.rush of power
7.legions of evil
8.wife of the devil
10.heavy metal soldiers

These German metal gods formed in around 1980 in Hamburg, and put out a slew of obscure records. This one is my favorite by them. Think Judas Priest meets some solid German speed metal. Iron Angel along with Living Death, Running Wild, etc never really broke like the other big three in German thrash. I guess thats because these guys played a cheesier brand of metal (remember thrash was just taking hold). These guys were still writing songs with titles like heavy metal soldiers, and sort of changed their original metal style to fit in with the thrashathon that was taking place all over the world.
Another record that I bought at Worlds records, and listened to while partying hard in Latham NY with my friends Dave Stevenson, Adrian, and Mark Szwarcberg. We loved fucking metal!


Monday, January 14, 2008

CORRUPTED MORALS-4 song demo tape (1987)

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1.I'm not smiling
2.Mr. liberty
3.I don't know
4.American dream

Okay, the deal with this tape is that Its what was sent to me when I ordered the bands 1st demo(the 1986 tape). That was reviewed in maximum rock n roll in around 1987, and I needed it. Whomever did the mailorder stuff for C.M. back then sent me this 4 song demo instead, saying that the 5 song 7" would be out in a few weeks, and they weren't selling the first demo anymore (that this demo was newer, and more current, recorded in the same session as the 7"). I was bummed, but later lucked out scoring the 1st demo when Joel (the second bass player)gave me a copy at Gilman Street. I'll post that one someday, its fucking great.
Corrupted Morals played the perfect fusion of thrash metal and punk. Trotting metallic guitar riffs with political lyrics that were sung in a nerdy punk sorta way made this shit some of my favorite Bay Area music ever. Members over the years included Larry L from Possessed, and somebody that is in Green Day as well. I ripped this from the original tape this past weekend, and it Sends shivers up my spine to listen to this stuff, and recall the live shows.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008


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1. Introitus
2. Obey To Get Independence
3. Go Your Own Way
4. The Scene
5. Drunk Driver
6. Zombie Holocaust
7. Extremely Bad Breath
8. Who Cares?
9. Party & Fight For Your Right?
10. The Disease
11. Burn (Let Those Bastards)
12. Your Goals
13. Herring Attack
14. Just Another Metal Band
15. If You're Hardcore...I'm Not!
16. Old But Not So Wise
17. Dom Ljuger
18. A Case For Teddy

Classic crusty grind from Sweden. They featuring Per Thunel, the singer of 80's hardcore legends Protes Bengt. I later was in awe of meeting Per when my band toured through Sweden 17 years later (he took me to the Viking Museum in Stockholm.
I first heard F.C.'s from their split 7" with G-anx, If i recall correctly I ordered it from Blacklist mailorder , and was blown away by their experimental slice of metal/crust. They mixed elements of Raw Napalm Death, and early Swans together perfectly.
The cover of mean was eye appealing if you were a sick fuck like me, as it displayed a photo of the Swedish prime minister after he was gunned down in a pool of blood a year earlier. Enjoy...


Saturday, January 12, 2008

PRIME EVIL demo tape (1987)

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1.random violence
2.kill for me
3.living in fear
4.prime evil

Add this to another of the great NY bands who never released a proper LP. This is the first demo by these truers (they did a total of four tapes), plus a 7" ep (that later came out in 1992). For those who think of metal as sexist, I'd prefer to think of these guys as sexy, as PE had a female bass player. The stuff reeks of a heavy Slayer influence, and is done extremely well. Total balls to the wall thrash/speed metal that is Raw yet tight. Go ahead, count the Slayer riffs, I dare you...they rule.
I got this demo from my buddy Jim MacNaughton whose band Affirmative Action used to play shows with these guys in Middletown NY. I'll put the AA demo up someday.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

DEVASTATION-violent termination LP (1986)

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1.beginning of the end (intro)
2.massive devastation
3.innocent submission
4.syndrome of terror
5.violent termination
6.death is calling
7.meet your maker
9.deception slaughter
10.beneath the surface

Devastation were from Corpus Christi Texas, and put this their debut LP out in 1986. I think its safe to say that if I heard this today, I might not be all to impressed, due to to the production. Its also safe to say that these guys went on to influence the death metal scene with their thrashing bay area sound. I love the vocals, as they are totally hardcore punk influenced.
My long haired Livermore California friend Kenny Donovan turned me onto these dudes. His poor mom would drive us someplace, kenny would stick a thrash tape in the tape deck, and she'd be driving, screaming for him to turn that shit down! He'd just smile and mimic playing air drums. Good times..

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

INFERNO-tot and wahnsinn LP (1983)

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2.Ram It Up
3.Life at War
4.Ziel Deutschland
8.Linke Sau
9.Tod & Zerstorung
10.Ronald Reagan
11.Gott ist Tot
14.So Sind Wir
15.Escape From...
17.Birne Muss
18.Kanzler Bleiben
20. Liebeslied
21. Administration

A Great Hardcore band from West Germany, who are probably most famous and remembered for their split LP with Japans Execute. These guys played some great melodic, fast hardcore thrash that was sung in both German and English. Awesome sing along backing vocals keep me humming along in my head. A very young Pushead did the cover art on this one. This LP came out in 1983 on Mülleimer Records.
More Influence from my buddy Louis(luke), who turned me on to Inferno in around 1989. I was addicted to German thrash metal,then later German Hardcore. Its all I listened to for several years.
This is a clean rip from A CD of the LP. enjoy.

We are drunk
To have some fun
Yes we are drunk
It's just for fun
Wir saufen uns voll
Den das ist toll!

Ich will mal wieder dicht sein
Drum press' ich einen wodka rein
Den wodka, ja den klau' ich mir
Denn wodka turnt besser als bier

Moskovskaya ohoohoooh!!

Ich bin schon im delirium!
Und lalle nur noch dumm herum
Der alk spritzt mir zum schwanz heraus
Ich bin besoffen wie ein haus

Moskovskaya ohoohoooh!!

Ich bin zu prall, sie ziehn mich raus
Und fahrn mich in ein krankenhaus
Der gute alk wird mir entnummen
Die leber ist noch ganz benommen!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008


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1. Dark Land
2. Possessed By Evil
3. Bloody Revenge
4. Insanity
5. Blind Destruction
6. Hades Invasion
7. Magic Forest
8. Iron Charm

Okay, these German giants sounded much like, and owe Destruction a lot for laying down the foundations of German thrash metal. I guess its really the vocals that sound the most like Destruction on this 12"(though the screams are total Slayer). What I most liked about these guys were the sloppy approach they used to playing/recording metal on this record. It almost comes across as punk due to the fact that its played so raw and untight, mainly due to the drums I guess. The back cover photo rules, as most the members have Discharge "charged" hair do's going. That alone is probably why I ended up buying this rarity in the first place. This is a complete rager, that has probaly gone on to influence much black metal these days.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

AGNOSTIC FRONT-live at CBGB's (1988)

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This is seriously some of the funniest, most amazing live banter on a record ever(a close second only to Sheer Terror live stuff). Some shit about "people getting killed", etc. The talking and banter between songs is just as good as the tight hardcore/punk thats played on this LP. This is my second favorite AF record (of course after Victim in pain). These guys played NYC hardcore at its best.
I First saw AF in around 1985-86 in Albany NY with YOT (GBH was supposed to headline the bill, but canceled). I remember when I first walked into the VFW hall Agnostic Front were doing a sound check playing Metallica's "Seek and destroy". I later remember talking to Stigma as he sold me a t shirt(that I still have).. dude was funny as hell.
A few years later in around 1987-88 I saw them at the Stone in S.F. The show was super packed with skinheads, who started screaming pro Nazi shit, and giving the band the Nazi salute. The vocalist, Roger started screaming at them that they were retarded and that he was Cuban, and that AF were not a Racist band.


MASSACRA-final holocaust LP (1990)

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1.Apocalyptic Warriors
2.Researchers Of Tortures
3.Sentenced For Life
4.War Of Attrition
5.Nearer to Death
6.Final Holocaust
7.Eternal Hate
8.The Day of Massacra
9.Trained to Kill
10.Beyond The Prophecy

French dudes that blended German thrash style with early U.S. Florida death metal, and made a near perfect album. The guitars are simply unreal, and just straight up classic (trots galore). This is the bands debut LP, and they did 4 others after this, though Nothing else comes close of course (cept the demos). Unfortunately singer/guitarist Fred Duval died of cancer a decade ago.
My ex room mate Nick gave me this album, as he thought I'd really dig it. I'd never heard it or heard of the band before he landed this beaut on me. Thanks Nick.

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HOLOCAUST-nightcomers LP (1981)

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1.Smokin' Valves
2.Death or Glory
3.Come on Back
5.It don't matter to me
6.Cryin' Shame
7.Heavy Metal Mania
8.Push It Around
9.The Nightcomers

If you've yet to hear Holocaust, then your fucked (or lucky as hell because something old, and new to you awaits). These guys influenced Metallica in almost every way, and had no idea what they were doing. Seriously, think a more melodic Metallica just having fun playing metal.
They were just Kids from England with long hair who loved the likes of Sabbath.
One of my top NWOBHM bands ever.
Supposedly formed in 1977, their first ep came out in 1980, followed by this their debut LP. After this, nothing by them compares, so stop here.


NO MERCY-widespread bloodshed/ love runs red (1987)

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2.Crazy but Proud
3.Master of No Mercy
4.Day of the Damned
5.Controlled by Hatred
6.I'm Your Nightmare
7.Widespread Bloodshed - Love Runs Red
8.My Own Way of Life
9.Waking the Dead

No Mercy were a side project of Mike Muir of the Suicidal Tendencies. Later other N.M. members ended up joining the Suicidals(the guitarist I think).
This is some kick ass speed metal/crossover stuff that to this day still can't be mimicked. I love the record cover, everything about this record is sick.
I bought my copy of this LP after visiting L.A. from S.F.,and going to a "punk" show that seemed more like a gang war. The Suicidals Vs. the LADS. I was scared shitless, and used to gangs like Jaks in S.F.
Members of both gangs would enter the pit alone, sort of enticing the enemy to enter, or get to close, then others would rush in, throw punches, kick, etc. then sort of separate and hang on different sides of the pit (chilling against the walls). There seemed to be no security, and it was some of the scariest, most violent shit I'd ever seen...