Thursday, January 24, 2008

UNHUMAN SOCIETY DEATH demo tape (1988?)

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I got this in the late 80's or early 1990 in a tape trade with someone overseas in Japan (I think). I know absolutely nothing about these guys, other than this was recorded at the infamous Our House.
Harsh sounding, Japanese crusty hardcore, that at times reminds me vocally of Bastard. Great stuff, totally bass heavy and raw. Some what metallic, for my crossover friends on here. Leave a comment if you dig it.


  1. Awesome upload. I've heard so many good things about Japanese hardcore yet I've only began to get into anything so this helps! Thanks.

  2. wow! You were not exagerating, the Vocals are like that of Bastard.
    Thank you for the rare Japanese hardcore!

  3. seriously

    more demo tapes please Mr. Nate


  4. You, sir, are fucking awesome for uploading this.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I've never heard of these guys, pretty burly stuff. A blast beat here and there...sweet.

  6. hey Nate- THANKS for uploading this here!!! i actually got a dub of this from your friend Louis way abck when it came out (he & i used to trade stuff; mostly from Japan. he was one of the only Japanese HC freaks way back in the dark ages, but i digress), but my tape is all stretched & swishy. ive been looking to get another dub of this forever, but nobody seems to have ever heard of the band, let alone have a copy...THANKS!!!!

    ps- things going OK here East Of Cleveland.Inmates gigging in Pittsburgh tomorrow. looking forward to seeing Systematic Death in May...

  7. Wedge do you know anything about these guys that I didn't post? total mystery to me.
    Louis was a god of early Japanese trading for sure.

    good luck with the Inmates show this weekend. I love the fucking band. That show you guys did in Brooklyn last year was a top show of the year for me. keep on rockin


  8. cant help ya brother. these guys are a total one-off mystery. if i could check out the graphics, maybee i could figure out band members, where they came from, where they went. all i ever saw was a flyer for them doing s gig in like 1991 once. who knows...

  9. Can you get a better pic or scan of the cover. i see the contact info is in kasekabe. my GFs parents live like 10 mins from there.
    im currently located in tokyo so i could also ask some of the older dudes i know about them

  10. their drummer played in ROSE ROSE later