Tuesday, January 1, 2008

AGNOSTIC FRONT-live at CBGB's (1988)

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This is seriously some of the funniest, most amazing live banter on a record ever(a close second only to Sheer Terror live stuff). Some shit about "people getting killed", etc. The talking and banter between songs is just as good as the tight hardcore/punk thats played on this LP. This is my second favorite AF record (of course after Victim in pain). These guys played NYC hardcore at its best.
I First saw AF in around 1985-86 in Albany NY with YOT (GBH was supposed to headline the bill, but canceled). I remember when I first walked into the VFW hall Agnostic Front were doing a sound check playing Metallica's "Seek and destroy". I later remember talking to Stigma as he sold me a t shirt(that I still have).. dude was funny as hell.
A few years later in around 1987-88 I saw them at the Stone in S.F. The show was super packed with skinheads, who started screaming pro Nazi shit, and giving the band the Nazi salute. The vocalist, Roger started screaming at them that they were retarded and that he was Cuban, and that AF were not a Racist band.



  1. thanks for another great album - timo

  2. I have this on CD. If anyone is a fan of AF, then they probably own this -- think about taking AF's aggression and speed and amplify it by 10. Fucking intense.

  3. The first actual Hardcore album I was ever introduced to. It was all Metal up to this one.

  4. Agnostic Front is an American hardcore punk band that formed in New York City in 1980, so I would like to go to one of their concerts, I have one of their albums named "Another Voice", so I think that it is so interesting and nice!!!!!22dd