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IMPALER-if we had brains we'd be dangerous LP (1986)

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Impaler were from some shit town in Wisconsin, and formed in 1983. This album is priceless, as its just all over the place musically. Its apparent that its influenced from the likes of Priest, Alice Cooper, Venom, the Stooges, Dead Boys, and even Manowar. These guys play a bit heavier, and sleazier than the for mentioned bands though. The LP was produced by Bob Mould of Husker Du.
I discovered this album through my buddy Devon Cahill, who obviously bought it due to the hilarious cover art. Another great find at Worlds Records in Albany NY.
Enjoy, and leave a comment if you download...that keeps me motivated, and gives me an idea of what people are enjoying on here.


  1. I remember this record because it seemed so ridiculous, even for that time period. But I don't remember it being produced by Bob Mould. That's flat out amazing.

  2. Thanks for this! I haven't heard this in ages.
    These guys were pretty much the laughingstock of the undergreound scene. Posers with a capital "P" -- but i think they were just misunderstood and lumped in with the thrash metal - death to posers crowd. can you believe they are still around, still releasing music and have 2-3 DVDs out!?!?! un-freakin-believable!

    btw, my fav release is the first one "Rise of the Mutants"
    not sure if i can post images in comments, so here's a link to the first release cover:

  3. When I got this record off my buddy I wasn't expecting much. It actually turned out to be pretty good. Thanks for the post!

  4. yes we are still around.... and we were from St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN not some shit hole town in Wi.....

    Impaler, 25 years and still going

  5. Thanks much for this - a great post! I had totally forgotten about this band, but I now recall that I neither understood the concept, nor liked it. Hearing it now, it revelas a lot of charme and a good dose of power. A real winner!!

  6. I left the comment before about us still being around,but felt the need to say more.. I was a roadie from day one and guitarist on Wake Up Screaming.. Impaler was influenced by old school punk and metal, glam rock, pro wrestlin and horror movies. Lead singer Bill Lindsey tried to incorparate all of these into his music. We got lumped in with all the other thrash metal bands, but had more in common with the punks than with the headbangers. But then again, stuck in the middle , we were either fags or posers...
    Anway, Bill is still around playing.
    Here is a post I left at guitars 101, if anyone wants some demos and a live show from way back, this is the 1st 2 demos and a rare live show from 1983. At this time the band had Mike Senn as 2nd guitarist, it contains unr and early versions of songs that would later be on Rise of the Mutants, If We Had Brains, and Wake Up Screaming. This is the best versions you will get. I was the only one from the band who kept copies of the early stuff.

    Impaler – (US)Demo #1 1983
    1. Impaler
    2. Assassin
    3. City in Chains
    4. Witchqueen
    5. Island of the Damned
    (US)Demo #2 1983
    6. Vicious Dreams
    7. Heavens Force
    8. Shock Rock
    Goofy’s Upper Deck Mpls, Mn 8/21/83 (SB)
    9. Intro Set #1 / City in Chains
    10. Assassin
    11. Hit With An Axe
    12. Shock Rock
    13. Crack That Whip
    14. Intro set #2 / Impaler
    15. Go Back to Hell
    16. Island of the Damned
    17. Witchqueen
    18. Poison
    19. Heavens Force

    Btw, I love this blog -

  7. cool, thanks for the info bro. I was at a record store tonight called slipped disc(sp?) in Long Island with my buddies Ron G. and Artie. Ron found a copy of this album and pointed it out to me. I told him I'd just thrown it up here today, and we both had a laugh about that.
    I then saw a split 7" with them as well at the store, but it seemed more current. My mistake about where you guys were from, Thought it was a small town in the middle of nowhere. I guess now its easy to see where the Bob Mould connection comes from (MN.). Thanks for checking out the blog, I'm glad you dig it. Nate

  8. thats funny... the first time Bill and I went to NY in 1985 we went to Slipped Disc (I still have the t-shirt or at least the remains of it- after the sleeves and collar were cut off) and met the hottest girl (Claudia Girrola)- I wish I would have kept in contact with her...... anyway, thats whats cool about this blog, it reminds me of this stuff...

  9. this blog is totally addicting. I love the info and conversation. Thank you so much for sharing!
    thanks also for the demos & live stuff

    Ben in Idaho

  10. Stradinger~

    Hey man, the store is closing its doors after years and years and years of metal. Its sad, and another nail in the coffin of underground music. The close officially at the end of March 2008. Seriously like walking into an 80s time warp. Tonight I bought a jack starr solo LP, and some old original pins (rainbow, nuclear assault, and motorhead). Thanks again for your input and contributing info. Nate

  11. I loved this LP as a teenager. thankks for giving it to me on mp3
    also thanks for the demos. cool site.

  12. Thanks, this is a pretty good album from a band I have never heard of. And yes it's sad to see Slip Discs closing as it was really the only place that I know of on Long Island where you can buy real music. Also if you have any more NWOBHM please by all means upload it.

  13. Awesome stuff!
    please post papsmear's first demo!

  14. PAPSMEAR would be rad!!!!! DO IT!

    I like this Impaler. This is the real deal. true, cult metal. the demo is rad as well. thank you much

    Evan in detroit rock city

  15. Awsome band dude. Thanx, great blog

  16. good stuff from the 80s

    have any other heavy metal music from those years???

  17. Thank you so much for this post, i had forgotten about this band until i heard the track "blood bath", i knew i had the song my possession somewhere because i just heard listened to it a few months ago on an old skate rock mix i had made in the late 80s. i finally found it on my old "Bullets" compilation. (the singer for Agent Steele in horrible)

  18. I was obsessed with this as a little WASP listening pre-hardcore loving jean jacketer!

    They were so over the top sounding and gross looking!

  19. I always love to bring this album up whenever people talk about Husker Du or Bob Mould. They usually don't believe me.

    Wasn't there an EP where they did a cover of "Search & Destroy?"

  20. hey Stradinger: still alive...I am from Mpls. and was a headbanger during Impaler's reign and even had a fanzine that featured them. To everyone: they were the BEST from this area (most areas for that matter) and given a listen today, the shit still stands up! It is pure Iggy and the Stooges. Listen with open ears and the shit really is worthy. Pick up "Rise of the Mutants", erase your mind of prejudices and you'll see the genuine talent-Brian

  21. Hey dude, thanks for this, I remember Metal Forces mag reviewing it when they were still just a fanzine. I've snagged a few things from here before and apologize for not having commented before!
    I recently strted my own blog and realise the importance of the commenting thing now.
    Check me out at
    There hasn't been much new stuff up for a month or 2 as I've been on tour too much but there is some choice shit to choose from!

  22. Impaler es una excelente banda de Shock Rock buena energía!!! acá les dejo un vídeo...

    Impaler - Undead Things (HQ)

  23. I owned this LP in the late 80's and totally loved it. They definitely had a punk edge and the record was produced by Bob Mould. Wish I still had it, I remember it came with a Combat Records catalog, too. It's a classic.

  24. Thank you so much for posting. I remember when I bought this album in a store, the kid was hanging out looked at the dude on the cover and asked, "Is that Bobcat Goldthwait?" LOL This had a killer cover of "Search and Destroy"

  25. Opened for Impaler in the late 90's at The Outhouse in Lawrence Kansas. Strangest and most awesome show ever.