Tuesday, January 15, 2008

IRON ANGEL-hellish crossfire LP (1985)

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1.the Metallion
2.sinner 666
3.black mass
4.the church of the lost souls
5.hunter in chains
6.rush of power
7.legions of evil
8.wife of the devil
10.heavy metal soldiers

These German metal gods formed in around 1980 in Hamburg, and put out a slew of obscure records. This one is my favorite by them. Think Judas Priest meets some solid German speed metal. Iron Angel along with Living Death, Running Wild, etc never really broke like the other big three in German thrash. I guess thats because these guys played a cheesier brand of metal (remember thrash was just taking hold). These guys were still writing songs with titles like heavy metal soldiers, and sort of changed their original metal style to fit in with the thrashathon that was taking place all over the world.
Another record that I bought at Worlds records, and listened to while partying hard in Latham NY with my friends Dave Stevenson, Adrian, and Mark Szwarcberg. We loved fucking metal!



  1. They're too damn good. Great post!

  2. Iron Priest!! ha haha would have been a better name
    this is amazing shit my friend. how many other LPs do these Krauts have out? nick San Fran

  3. another "second row" german thrash gem , excellent taste - timo any chance for getting their second album winds of war ?