Saturday, January 5, 2008

DEVASTATION-violent termination LP (1986)

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1.beginning of the end (intro)
2.massive devastation
3.innocent submission
4.syndrome of terror
5.violent termination
6.death is calling your maker
9.deception slaughter
10.beneath the surface

Devastation were from Corpus Christi Texas, and put this their debut LP out in 1986. I think its safe to say that if I heard this today, I might not be all to impressed, due to to the production. Its also safe to say that these guys went on to influence the death metal scene with their thrashing bay area sound. I love the vocals, as they are totally hardcore punk influenced.
My long haired Livermore California friend Kenny Donovan turned me onto these dudes. His poor mom would drive us someplace, kenny would stick a thrash tape in the tape deck, and she'd be driving, screaming for him to turn that shit down! He'd just smile and mimic playing air drums. Good times..

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  1. another rare one , great ! are these the same devastation that released the creation of ripping death demo ? - timo

  2. timo

    nope, not the same... the one you speak of was from Chicago at around the same time (1986-88). thats a great one as well. nate

  3. hey man , don´t know where else to put it , so it goes here . in the post about german thrashers minotaur you mentioned , that you don´t know what else they did . if you still want to find out , you can go here
    as of today the link is still working . it ´s true killer pretty much in the style as their demo . i´m sure you´ll like it - timo

  4. Man!! Yet another one i hadn't noticed was up here. I love Devastation - that simple. All 3 records are amazing but Violent Term is the first one I heard (and also the one i no longer have) so i definitely have a soft spot for this one. Your so right about the influence they had on death metal too. And damn man there wwas so much great metal comin outta Texas back then..

  5. man, thanks for this. I used to see Devastation all the time in the late 80's and very early 90's - they'd play Houston every month or two. They were always great. Can't wait to hear this again.

  6. dude, I saw these guys when they toured with Anthrax on the Among the Living tour in San Antonio (86 I think). This rocks, and...actually, they really were much better live than the recording lets on. Have to say they were an influence on what I chose to listen to in the long run, a little harder than what my friends locked on to at the time.

    Too cool, thanks for the memory.