Saturday, January 12, 2008

PRIME EVIL demo tape (1987)

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1.random violence
2.kill for me in fear evil

Add this to another of the great NY bands who never released a proper LP. This is the first demo by these truers (they did a total of four tapes), plus a 7" ep (that later came out in 1992). For those who think of metal as sexist, I'd prefer to think of these guys as sexy, as PE had a female bass player. The stuff reeks of a heavy Slayer influence, and is done extremely well. Total balls to the wall thrash/speed metal that is Raw yet tight. Go ahead, count the Slayer riffs, I dare you...they rule.
I got this demo from my buddy Jim MacNaughton whose band Affirmative Action used to play shows with these guys in Middletown NY. I'll put the AA demo up someday.


  1. holy shit!! how has this gone undiscovered and not talked about? Prime Evil is massive metal for sure... cool to hear a demo ike this

  2. as an FYI...there was a CD released w/ all of the PRIME EVIL material on it in I believe 1999. PRIME EVIL has a myspace page as well.

  3. Damn, this shit is sick....Yer blog is the goods. We for sure grew up in the same scene in the Bay Area, so i know you most likely dove onto my head a few times during the days the Farm was reigning...


  4. Sweet. These guys are really good for the time!