Tuesday, January 1, 2008

NO MERCY-widespread bloodshed/ love runs red (1987)

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2.Crazy but Proud
3.Master of No Mercy
4.Day of the Damned
5.Controlled by Hatred
6.I'm Your Nightmare
7.Widespread Bloodshed - Love Runs Red
8.My Own Way of Life
9.Waking the Dead

No Mercy were a side project of Mike Muir of the Suicidal Tendencies. Later other N.M. members ended up joining the Suicidals(the guitarist I think).
This is some kick ass speed metal/crossover stuff that to this day still can't be mimicked. I love the record cover, everything about this record is sick.
I bought my copy of this LP after visiting L.A. from S.F.,and going to a "punk" show that seemed more like a gang war. The Suicidals Vs. the LADS. I was scared shitless, and used to gangs like Jaks in S.F.
Members of both gangs would enter the pit alone, sort of enticing the enemy to enter, or get to close, then others would rush in, throw punches, kick, etc. then sort of separate and hang on different sides of the pit (chilling against the walls). There seemed to be no security, and it was some of the scariest, most violent shit I'd ever seen...



  1. only knew that mike did his cyco myco thing , another great find here - timo

  2. Ric Clayton, the artist behind most of those Venice bands art, was in this band. He has some medical problems these days. Another great post. Been kicking around the idea of posting that first Beowulf album or the whole Welcome To Venice comp.

  3. No Mercy was a full time band even before Muir, at least that's how Clayton tells it. He has the ENTIRE original LP cover in his living room (Sieff, the artist, died some time ago).

    Clayton has an inoperable brain tumor.

  4. this is a classic. its great to finally have it on digital format. thanks uncle nate!

  5. Kevin Guercio was the singer before Mike Muir. I think he sings the No Mercy track on the Welcome To Venice comp. Mike Clark, the guitarist from NM, has been the rhythm guitarist in Suicidal for a number of years.

  6. man i fucking love this record. "controlled by hatred/feel like shit/deja vu" was always my favorite suicidal album when i was a kid- little did i know it was all re-recorded No Mercy songs. incredible album that was impossible to find for the past 20 years. thanks for the upload!!

  7. I allready have this, but great record. People who like the 1st ST LP but their other stuff not so much should check this one out!

  8. Pure god-head...mike clarks riffing on this is insane...this album has aged like fine wine...

  9. East L.A. Hardcore-Cholo-Punk.

    Suicidal Tendencies was/is the Agnostic Front of the West Coast.

  10. My friend found this record at
    the Salvation Army yesterday!

    Kickass art and vicious tracks.
    Thanks for the info!!

  11. had this on 12" wax long ago,

    saw suicidal in 1983' with Clown Alley and Maimed for Life.

    Mike looked like a skinny kid then...

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!i love st's shit all the way up to suicidal for life,i only have a few of these songs from a dodgey torrent that stalled out,nice one m8.st for life!if anyone knows a link to excels album please e-mail me on cromag90@hotmail.com

  13. I still have this tape around somewhere. This is the band/sound that became ST. There was almost no information about this band on the internet for years. I was at a 1989 ST show in Detroit, even then and there, switchblades were being flashed in the pit. The world of Mike Muir deserves a documentary film.

  14. Love this record...I'm hoping for a better sounding digital version than I have - The Kevin Guercio stuff off the "Welcome To Venice" Comp I really like better and wish he would have done the Lp...heard he blew his voice? Mike Clark joined ST and brought the next No Mercy record with him and it turned into ST's third record..."How Will I Laugh"

  15. As some people already said. No Mercy was already active before Mike Muir took vocal duties.

    They have songs featured on:
    - Empty Skulls comp. tape
    - Welcome to Venice
    - Farewell to Venice
    - Thrasher Skate Rock 5

    Before Mike Muir took over, No Mercy's sound was a more "trash/destructive" kinda punk sound as opposed to the crossover thrash sound they later had.

    I have this on tape, and i'm glad to see this upload.
    Also, note that:
    www.punkrecords.net will be releasing a CD/LP of a lot of EARLY (before MM) No Mercy. Demoes, live and all that shit.

  16. Btw, some dude over at skullandbonesskateboards.com was selling some No Mercy and Excel posters (very big). He send me some Hi-res photos of them, i can upload them if any of you guys want to see them...

    He wanted more for them than I could offer, but i don't know if he sold them or not.

  17. my uncle ric used to play for no mercy he gave my bro some cds

  18. Mike Muir plucked talent from any band he could get his hands on. No mercy was a band way before mike muir took over as singer or mike clark joined suicidal tendencies. Anonymous commenter they were mostly white boys from venice, not east l.a. cholo-hardcore? haha.

  19. im trying to find the Farewell to Venice comp on line but cannot find it. Can you upload if you have it

  20. I wasn't at that show you mentioned, but I bet I know most of the people that were. My bro Alex started the LADS and we still hang to this day. I was also friends with some of the Suis. Jimmy Brown, Gary Whitey, Big Jay Silent, Donald Grumpy... I have this on cassette, but no tape player. Thanks for puttin this up.

  21. I have been in stuff like that where chaos simply erupts and leaves a wreck everywhere. Anyway, for the record (the album here posted) i have to say the cover is just sick, great cover and the band itself was simply rocks.

  22. GREAT STUFF!!! Best ultra-heavy Musica!

  23. Big LADS gang! Mr. Spooky. We always fought the Suicidals, but I have to admit, theyre music kicks ass!

  24. This Sparky de los OG Suicidal Cycos. Yea, we did have some great brawls with the LADS etc. back in the day at the Olympic & the Cathay de Grande. Ahh...This album ranks next to Sui's 1st album. This wuz the way/road that Pitbull(Mike Muir) should've taken ST, but he had his plans. I also did the artwork for ST's Feel Like Shit/Deja Vu LP. Peace Out!

  25. Sui's? LADs? Nobody fucked it up like we did back then. Big FFF gang!

  26. Here you go O.G. No Mercy tracks 1-9. No pop's, click's, good volume, tweets, and 320. Your Welcome.