Wednesday, January 2, 2008


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1. Dark Land
2. Possessed By Evil
3. Bloody Revenge
4. Insanity
5. Blind Destruction
6. Hades Invasion
7. Magic Forest
8. Iron Charm

Okay, these German giants sounded much like, and owe Destruction a lot for laying down the foundations of German thrash metal. I guess its really the vocals that sound the most like Destruction on this 12"(though the screams are total Slayer). What I most liked about these guys were the sloppy approach they used to playing/recording metal on this record. It almost comes across as punk due to the fact that its played so raw and untight, mainly due to the drums I guess. The back cover photo rules, as most the members have Discharge "charged" hair do's going. That alone is probably why I ended up buying this rarity in the first place. This is a complete rager, that has probaly gone on to influence much black metal these days.


  1. yes , they rule ! after a few years hiatus they released an album called construction of evil , which has this great eighties thrash feeling to it without sounding to dated - timo

  2. cool. thanks for the comments. Nate

  3. Wow...the drummer is doing some tasty shit with the cymbals...the sound on this is killer...alot of funny moments as well...

  4. thaks for sharing all this material, you are a real collector.