Wednesday, January 23, 2008

STIKKY demo tape 1 & 2 (1985 & '86)

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Demo #1 1985
1.Ja hooa's guys
2.8 hour shift
3.when mom finds out i drink
4.blind date
5.conceptual realizations
6.stop n go
7.california lottery Gilligan
9.this is rock n roll

Demo #2 1986
1.weird intro
2.the scene has suffered
3.Republican children
4.typical chick risk
6.up in flames
7.on top o the world
8. N.I.F.
9.wayne is big
10.we play pool
11.cow tipping
12.i'm in charge

For me when I think of Stikky I think of fun. These guys were a Bay Area hardcore band that I was lucky enough to see at Gilman street almost weekly. Seriously, in those days either them, Isocracy, Operation Ivy, Corrupted Morals, Sweet baby Jesus, or the Lookouts were opening a bill for a touring punk band. Stikky played "wacky" joke filled hardcore that was done in a fast, sloppy manner. I love the song "on top 'o the world", as it was on a tape comp that my band was on as well, the tape was called Lethal Noise vol 2.
I believe both these demos are pre Chris Dodge, who later joined the band and put records out on his label, Sap A Ham records. These guys almost invented "powerviolence". Demo #2 is better in my opinion, as its faster, and tighter punk. Enjoy, and comment if you want more.


  1. your my fucking hero man!

    thanks a lot for this

  2. This is amazing man. Thanx!
    Its unreal how weird the first demo is.
    you are lucky to have seen these guys live.
    I appreciate all your posts and uploads. please keep it up.

  3. best band!!! do you also have their other demos? or maybe an isocracy demotape? that would be rad.
    you do a very cool blog!!

  4. The only other things I have by them are a practice tape from May 1987, and a live at Gilman street set from the same year.
    I don't have the Isocracy demo... I'm not sure if there is one?
    glad you dig the blog. Nate

  5. Hi man!! Thanx for posting this amazing stuff. BTW, what's the name of your band??

  6. Yet another amazing post. You're right about the second demo being better. I could get into these guys, Op Ivy and Corrupted Morals at the Gilman but not so much those other bands you mentioned. At the Gilman it got to be at one point if you weren't a lookout band you couldn't play there. Humboldt bands never seemed to get any play there. Al Sobrante migrated up to Humboldt somewhere in that time frame and Larry Livermore used to lurk around too. I noticed other blogs starting to link you up when you've asked and was wondering why you hadn't done the same for me or least given a fellow blogger some criticism. Anyway, happy blogging.

  7. @gloom666: a practice tape? could you upload this here or send it? that would be so awesome! cheers!

  8. My band was the Romper Room Rejects, but that was S.F. the demo is on the blog.

    Justin, hit me again with you blog and I'll link you up. thanks nate

  9. Nate I have seen your blog linked up all over the place and with good reason. Your site just plain rips, stuff that everyone into metal or hardcore should have. Mine is pretty varied style wise and is not always that rare. I would really appreciate your comments, criticisms and anyone else's for that matter. We seem to have some shared Nor Cal experiences from the same time period. Anyway check it out at , thanx again. Justin

  10. Excellent! I think I came out of Gilman covered in garbage from an Isocracy show more than once in the 80s.... I watched the Op Ivy tag the Stikky van until someone finally told them to stop. Funny memories.

  11. I saw this tape on ebay the other day, Great post! I have "Spamthology" on my PC and "Where's My Lunchpal?" on Vinyl

  12. great upload man! thanks a lot for this!

  13. just noticed that you put the agression lp in the archive of the first demo...just for you information

  14. i've wanted to hear these for years.

  15. A classic. I found this demo the last time I went to visit my parents house.

  16. A classic. I found this demo the last time I went to visit my parents house.

  17. About the isocracy demo you can download it here:


  19. hell yeah man thank you so much for some one like me that wasnt alive till 89 i have a limit as to what sick records i can git my hands on, thanks again and if u happen to have any more stikky tapes that have C-DOGE on-em that would be awesome.

  20. thanks! i've only had like 3rd generation dubs of these before and i lost those years and years ago. total blast from the past \m/

  21. re up the links duder! \m/ mucho gracias!

  22. can you please re-up these? stupid mediafire keeps deleting all its older files. thanks!!!!

  23. Hey Ya'll, you can get these and more over at Chris Dodges new blog - Enjoy!