Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HOLOCAUST-nightcomers LP (1981)

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1.Smokin' Valves
2.Death or Glory
3.Come on Back
5.It don't matter to me
6.Cryin' Shame
7.Heavy Metal Mania
8.Push It Around
9.The Nightcomers

If you've yet to hear Holocaust, then your fucked (or lucky as hell because something old, and new to you awaits). These guys influenced Metallica in almost every way, and had no idea what they were doing. Seriously, think a more melodic Metallica just having fun playing metal.
They were just Kids from England with long hair who loved the likes of Sabbath.
One of my top NWOBHM bands ever.
Supposedly formed in 1977, their first ep came out in 1980, followed by this their debut LP. After this, nothing by them compares, so stop here.



  1. happy new year ! what better way , than to kick it off with some classic nwobhm - timo

  2. - Thanks a lot for sharing this !

    Never heard of HOLOCAUST before but this sounds great...!

  3. glad I could turn you onto some old metal that you never heard. This is a serious top.

  4. I Saw these guys many fucking moons ago. I never knew people were still interested in the likes of them.

    They later turned to shit, but this record is a top ten of mine ever. Metallica owe these guys they're career for sure.
    Leck /UK

  5. This is great, as is your entire site. Thank you---

  6. Holy shit...this is amazing...metallica should buy these guys a boat or something...million thanks for this one.

  7. damn i have had problems opening the file, tried dling abour 4 times but no dice. if you ever get the chance could you reup it?

  8. do i need a password to extract the Holocaust Nightcomers file? my computer is saying so...thanks, i'm looking forward to checking this out.

  9. Problems witht he file, please please reup this!

  10. There's no problems with archive - you may experience one because directory name inside archive has trailing space. Just rename it there and it will be extracted well.

  11. Hey man, sorry to be such a pain, but I just can't extract these files... could you re-post them?
    Btw, if you´re into 70's psych rock, you might know ChrisGoesRocks blog already, if you don't, here's the link: http://chrisgoesrocks.blogspot.com/

    I gotta say you've got a killer blog here, man! Stuff I used to only read in magazines (Rock Brigade magazine), but couldn't afford (they were all imports - I'm brazilian, btw), I'm gettin the chance to hear now, like sixteen years later, hehe. That's great, anyway.

  12. I only had a problem with one link, and all i had to do was cut and paste it and everything was perfect.

    This LP is awesome, and that's from someone who cannot get into Metallica for the most part.

  13. I can't extract these files or the Malice files but everything else extracts fine. Thanks for posting all this stuff I've heard a lot of great music off this blog.

  14. Thanks. I havn't listened to this album in a long time. I'm wonering why I was so stupid.

  15. Yeh I cant get this sucker extracted :( Is there some kind of trick to it? Im using winrar and it keeps telling me the system cannot find the specified file!

  16. What I love about metal is that I've been listening to it for over 20 years and there's still and infinite amount of great shit I've never heard! Thanks!

  17. one of my good friend's step-dad is John Mortimer