Monday, December 5, 2016

MONSTER X- Live at WRPI (1996)

1.Massada/Will To Die
2.We'll Make More
3.The Machine
4.The Gift
5.Your Mistake
6.Battle Fatigue
7.Poisinous Solution
8.Take A Walk
9.Frustrated Existence
10.No Need/Leap Of Faith
11.It's Time/Shorty

Back in the 90's my buddy and band mate (from Devoid Of Faith) Jim MacNaughton did a radio show on WRPI in Troy NY.  He also helped to book punk hardcore bands to play live on the air to a room full of friends and supporters.  It was a cool little thing the folks at the station would let Jim do.  It was mainly Jim, this guy Bob Curry who did sound, and a Japanese girl who went to school there named Akimia.  I saw so many cool shows there by the likes of Oi Polloi, the Gaia, 9 Shocks Terror, Los Crudos and endless other bands.  Both the bands I was playing in at the time were lucky enough to get to play some of these gigs. 
This is a recording of a set that my old band Monster X did at the station.  There were probably ten people there to watch us.  I think the recording came out great (although the bass guitar is way to low).  We actually released the recording on cassette limited to somewhere between 25-50 copies.  Enjoy!

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