Friday, October 31, 2008

APOCALYPSE earth 7" (1990?)

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3.heart of man

I don't recall to much about these dudes, I guess I need to ask Ben Dropdead, as he put it out on his label "crust records". I can't even find a date on this one. I'm guessing this came out in 1990 or 1991, as it is crust records 1st release. The band was from Walnut Creek California, and played a brutal and raw brand of hardcore-metal that to some could be considered crust, or doomy grind. Regardless metalheads and punks will both enjoy. I think this stuff has a heavy Amebix feel to the recordings, and song writing. Song one and two run into each other, and are one track on the digital end of this.
Ben gave me a copy of this when I stayed with him during an early DOF recording session at Lanes in Boston. The night before we went to go record, Ben and some of the dudes from Grief got obliterated on Tequila at Ben's place. We were staying with him, and he was supposed to accompany us to record, and produce our 1st 12" on his label. I recall sitting at the kitchen table with these guys... some liquid came pouring off of the table. Ben was slumped over with his face on the table. I grabbed him by his hair to see where the liquid was coming from. His goatee was dripping wet. It turned out to be puke dribbling from him as he lay passed out at the table. The next day He was hung over pretty bad, he did not help all that much with his "producing" gig, but that night he gave me a copy of his first release ever, and had already been out of print. Thanks Ben, you are the best.

SPLIT BEAVER s/t 7" (1981)

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2.hound of hell

Split Beaver were from England, and played the classic nwobhm sound. Dudes formed in 1979, and were the winners of a local battle of the bands that supposedly got them some "popularity". The band put out this 7" on Heavy Metal records, plus a LP, then later broke up due to a motorcycle accident that affected the singer. You know the records good when they give a RIP on the back cover to Bon Scott. The guitar solo in "savage" has a very Ac/Dc sorta sound. Musically these guys had a very Tygers Of Pan Tang vibe to em. One of my favorite early metal 7"s. I originally bought a copy of this at records n such in the Albany NY area. I loved the cover, with them posing next to the motorcycle, and a member wearing a motorhead t shirt. I knew this had to be good. I pretty much bought metal 7"s as a way to decide if I needed the bands LP. These had no collector meaning to me back then. They were in some cases used as ash trays, frisbees, and coasters. This record was lost to one of those uses... I recently grabbed it at Wfmu's record convention. I was pretty stoked, and feeling 15 years old again. Comment, my metalheaded friends!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

SATANIC THREAT into hell 7" (2008)

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1.Guilty Of Hating Christ
2.He's On The Cross
3.Small God, Big Cross
4.Satanic Threat
5.I Ain't Gotta Worship
6.Being Black
7.Cursing At The Cross
8.Don't Follow Him

Okay, Its been a while since I've posted any music on here. Shit has been busy with work, the economy, and some family stuff. I'll try to get some stuff up here for November.
As I've said I rarely put new stuff up on here, but this one is another record I'm proud to have taken part in, as a split release with Hells Headbangers Records. Satanic Threat hail from Ohio, and play hardcore that sounds A LOT like Unity, Uniform Choice, and Minor Threat. featuring a former member of Gordon Solie Motherfckers and Annihilation Time the band brings a Minor Threat-inspired tirade against Christianity, with eight tracks of simple, fast hardcore punk with lyrics that are all fashioned after Minor Threat lyrics, but modified to voice the band's displeasure with religion. Pretty funny stuff. The packaging is pretty over the top as well. Enjoy, and comment, or just say hi.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Master in NYC

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ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!! Show was a blast... much respect for the mighty master.