Thursday, October 30, 2008

SATANIC THREAT into hell 7" (2008)

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1.Guilty Of Hating Christ
2.He's On The Cross
3.Small God, Big Cross
4.Satanic Threat
5.I Ain't Gotta Worship
6.Being Black
7.Cursing At The Cross
8.Don't Follow Him

Okay, Its been a while since I've posted any music on here. Shit has been busy with work, the economy, and some family stuff. I'll try to get some stuff up here for November.
As I've said I rarely put new stuff up on here, but this one is another record I'm proud to have taken part in, as a split release with Hells Headbangers Records. Satanic Threat hail from Ohio, and play hardcore that sounds A LOT like Unity, Uniform Choice, and Minor Threat. featuring a former member of Gordon Solie Motherfckers and Annihilation Time the band brings a Minor Threat-inspired tirade against Christianity, with eight tracks of simple, fast hardcore punk with lyrics that are all fashioned after Minor Threat lyrics, but modified to voice the band's displeasure with religion. Pretty funny stuff. The packaging is pretty over the top as well. Enjoy, and comment, or just say hi.


  1. Happy Halloween,cool stuff

  2. I've posted this 7" on my blog too!

    you can find a link to another blog that has also posted it there.

    "The packaging is pretty over the top" is a gross form of understatement! the packaging is brilliant!

  3. NeilWIlliamArthurSatanJune 17, 2009 at 12:41 PM

    Enjoying this one!! Thanks

  4. this band also has current/former members of nunslaughter/midnight/destructor

  5. just have to say there is rumors of a satanic flag and or satanic choice recording being done to make it an unholy trilogy

  6. Fucking rules!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nunslaughter/Midnight bastardization....Go!!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing I love this cd, specially the lyrics they are really great.

  8. First time i heard this i was in DOTD's truck outside of the only time GUT played CLEVO