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I am a collector, and there are Some records I still need on vinyl... if anyone out there wants to donate them to me for this site, that would be awesome. If not I would pay for them as well. Help a metal brother out!

Evil- evil's message 12"
Hellwitch-syzygial miscreancy LP
Iron Rainbow 7"(Long Island)
Cirith Ungol live 7"
DRI-22 song 7"
StoneHenge-catz eyes 7"(1985 Colonie NY)
any Riot 7"s
Tank- echoes Of A Distant Battle 7"
Jaquar-backstreet woman 7"
Legend-death in the nursery LP
Crucifixtion-green eyes 12"
Oz-fire in the brain LP

CIRITH UNGOL one foot in hell LP (1986)

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1.blood and iron
2.chaos descends
3.the fire
5.100 mph
6.war eternal
7.doomed planet foot in hell

Cirith Ungol are the ultimate cult metal band, and I feel sorry for anyone that has never heard them. I've uploaded "king of the dead" a year ago so check the search section to find it on here. There really isn't another metal band I dig as much as C.U. besides perhaps the obvious Maiden, or Slayer. That's why I was recently so bummed on loosing 2 of their LPs in a drunken mistake that left the first two records warped. I'm still missing perhaps my favorite LP by them "king of the dead", though I was able to score and replace a copy of "frost". So come on you fuckers... help a metal brother out. hit me in the comments for my address, and send me a copy of "king of the dead".
These guys supposedly formed in 1972, and later recorded a demo in 1979(which I can put on here if people want to hear it). I've only ever seen live footage from one of their shows, and its from pretty far away, and left me just wanting to see more. Tim Baker the vocalist was brought out by stage hands in a coffin, simply amazing when he appears from it and starts screaming. There is such an air of mystery to these dudes, as they rarely did interviews.
These guys really didn't sound like anyone else, and made teenage kids like me realize anyone could sing in a metal band. I read someplace that they were trying to have the same effect that one would feel from that first bong hit. The artwork was always superb on all their records.
This is the bands third LP, and is straight up awesome. Total ripping Doom metal that is a bit more straight forward then either of their previous releases, but equally as great. The guitars no longer have that 60's sorta sound they they were fucking with earlier.
In high school I could barely find anyone else that found this stuff as awesome as I did. Maybe my Latham pals Dave Stevenson, and Pat J. Totally reminds me of hanging out in the smoking area we had on school grounds, pretending to smoke cigs while in reality getting baked for my next class. I wore a denim Jacket with the words "Riot" painted on the back, and it included patches by the likes of Cirith Ungol, Celtic Frost, Saxon, Slayer, Metallica, etc. This upload is missing the last track.
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Doomed planet
Trapped on a dying world a world to late to save
Mankind is on the move and he's marching to his grave
False prophets filled with greed leaders who rule by fear
By their lies they are betrayed and their message crystal clear

We're living on a doomed planet a planet to late to save
We're living on a doomed planet mankind's marching to his grave

Dark clouds foul the sky as the end is well at hand
The acid rain will fall sweeping death across the land
The poison rivers flow to a helpless dying sea
Of the wicked race of man this world will soon be free

Trapped on a dying world, a world of hate and pain
The judgement has arrived and the verdict is insane
The masses cringe in fear for their sentence has arrived
May the punishment be slow and the guilty flayed alive

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

RF7 submit to them freely 7" (1983)

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1.submit to them freely
2.fortunate son
3.not now generation

RF7 were a L.A. band fronted/started by childhood tv star Felix Alanis. The band didn't really sound like many of their other LA punk brothers. They had a more rockin oi skinhead sound. The band started their own record label(smoke seven), and put out most of their own releases, and many off their friends (redd kross, circle one, etc). I only own this and the bands first 12". They do an amazing cover of CCR's fortunate son on this ep.
I was turned onto these guys by Bones one of the S.F. skins in around 1985-86. I moved into the house many of these skins were living in on 603 Fell street. The place was a fort like barracks with bunks, and a huge projected screen tv. They were moving out as I was moving in, and our time overlapped by a week or two. Dudes were in a punk oi band called the Noise Boyz who I saw once. They were influenced by the likes of AC/DC, RF7, and Blitz. All they did was drink bad beer, fight, and listen to lots of AC/DC. When these skinheads out they left some records.. I was a lucky man.

HELLWITCH purveyor of fear 7" (1987)

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1.purveyor of fear
2.pyrophoric seizure

This record was released in '89, but recorded in 1987. Pretty thrashing death metal stuff from these Florida metal pioneers. The band played tons of shows with the likes of DRI, COC, Agonostic Front, etc. In fact the bands first show in 1985 was with Florida's infamous punk band Roach Motel. Though these guys were heavily involved in the diy hardcore scene, they had a huge impact on Florida and underground metal. The production is raw as shit on this release as they recorded most of their early stuff in their living room. Both these songs can be found on the first LP, in a less raw more pro recording. I hear lots of Possessed and Death when I listen to this ep. Only 300 of these were pressed on flight nineteen records. This was heavily traded in the underground tape trading community of the 1980's. This makes takes me back to those days of trading with pen pals around the globe. Thought of this band after seeing a high school/metal buddy by the name of Dave Stevenson at the A7 reunion gig in NYC this past weekend. Dave hasn't changed at all and is still as metal as ever. We used to roam the back streets and malls of Latham NY back in the mid 80's smoking up, and blasting metal in the woods.

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Me, & My buddy Dave..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


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2.same old story
4.weibt du es
7.excuse me
EFA the end
12.try to understand
13.a part of us
14.frontiers big dick
16.kill boredom
17.think and care dream

If you read my blog at all you know that as a youngin' I was pretty obsessed with German hardcore. Both these punk bands were from West Germany during the time when the wall was still up, and people were pissed off. I was turned onto Challenger Crew because I saw the name and fell in love with it. I later found their 7" ep after seeing it advertised in Maximum RNR. After getting that I found this obscure gem of an LP, that know one I've ever known has given two shits about.
Another record that makes me think of my move home/ cross country trip back to Albany NY, from Livermore California in 1989. I left some good friends back there(Kenny, Kurt, Zoran), and listening to this record makes me recall my thinking about if I was making the right decisions at the time. I was unsure of what I was doing moving back, but somehow felt it necessary for family stuff. That's all I was thinking about on the drive through the mid west, and I listened to a lot of this album on my crummy tape player.
EFA played a style of hardcore that made me think of the second Christ On Parade record. Especially the vocals. Don't be put off by the mellowness of the first songs intro, this record gets moving, and is raw as shit hardcore. Challenger Crew played a more crossover style of thrashing hardcore that has influences of Attitude Adjustment mixed with the likes of some German punk(Tu Du Hospital, Sons Of Sadism). Great stuff from both these guys, and I've stolen many a riff from both bands. don't let the fact that they were German deter you from downloading some great 80's punk/hardcore.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

GENERIC torched 7" (1989)

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2.angry silence
3.stop time

Sticking with the letter G here...doh! Generic were from New Castle England, and were pretty far off from generic sounding. The band put out a bunch of records including splits with the Electro Hippies, Mortal Terror, etc. This is the last recording by the band, in fact they'd already broken up, but somehow convinced Sned to get back together to record this ep. I think they used a different bass player? When listening to these guys, I think they are pretty melodic sounding, with odd time changes, and still some speed. I guess the vox are what make them fall into that crusty punk "genre", as they are pretty gruff and semi Motorheadish at times. My favorite song is "stop", used to listen to this over and over again when I was a just a lad. The band was known for its politics.
I Was excited to tour with the drummer Sned, in his band Suffer in the 90's. I Wasn't however so excited to sleep next to this snoring bastard and his stinky feet. Dude was hilarious on tour. He would not allow Dropdead who we were traveling with to gas up at Shell. I love you Sned!

Monday, December 1, 2008

GEDDES AXE sharpen your wits 7" (1982)

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1.Sharpen your wits
2.rock n roll is the way

I can recall as clear as day buying this 7" at Strawberry's records and tapes in around 1983. My buddy Mark Szwarcberg who played bass in various metal bands in the Latham NY area had scored this gem, and then taped it for me. I stll can't tell you which song on here I like more. After finally mustering up the $2.75 it cost to buy this fucker, I headed to Strawberry's with my folks on a Sat morning. Man how times have certainly changed. Back then when I was 16 years old I was able to get $1.00 a day from my mom for school lunch... I'd of course skip lunch in order to have the $5 a week to spend on music. Seriously... during the school year... The only money I had coming in was from this, and my $5 a week allowance for taking out the trash, and doing dishes. Ten bucks back then used to actually supply me with a new record and a couple comic books every week(maybe a pack or two of smokes as well). At any rate I bought this ep, and then bought the 12" a couple weeks later. I was totally disappointed with the 12", but can't tell you how many times I must have listed to this 7" over and over again. Geddes Axe were an Early NWOBHM band that formed in '79, and hailed from Sheffield England. The band had a heavy Dark Star, Jaguar, early Def Leppard, & early Motley Crue sound. "Rock n Roll is the way" Had that sorta punk vocal that crue used to have during their "to fast for love" period. This is a seriously sick record, with completely ridiculous cover art. Enjoy, and remember to Sharpen your wits.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

REASON TO BELIEVE the next door 7" (1988)

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1.true love always
2.mind on paper
4.rollercoaster foundation upside down

Thinking about records I some how destroyed through the years, this one comes to mind(from So bummed).
I first heard these guys in 1987 from a compilation tape I ordered through the mail called "Open Your Eyes". It was demo stuff by R2B that appeared on the tape. To this day, I've still never found the entire demo, just those tracks.
After hearing that stuff I ended up getting their 7" that came out on Soul Force records. My friend in San Ramon California (Kurt Dittmer)was buddies with the Unit Pride dudes, and their ep was also on the label, so they had copies of both 7"s for sale. We would sit in his room smoking up, wishing we were edge listening over and over to this ep(took me a while to actually get the edge, before it went dull again). This shit was so catchy and well played, but at the same time retained speed, and an element of rawness that makes this record stick out. The only thing I could compare this to would be Minor Threat meets Verbal Assault maybe(the guitar playing).
My copy of this got destroyed by my cat when he was a kitten in like 1991. Sock clawed and scratched up the cover, tearing through to the wax, and mangling even that. It's okay because over the years I managed to get more than one copy of the repress on Nemesis, and to this day don't really think I need the OG(or maybe I do?). The band later released a great LP on Nemesis. Maybe one day I'll upload that one as well.

Friday, November 21, 2008

So fuckin bummed...

So bummed. I Destroyed two Cirith Ungol LPs Last night, after leaving them to close to a radiator. To much bourbon I guess. This ruined my day for sure. I've had both these records since I was 17 years old. This Means I'm looking for copies of both "king of the dead" and "frost and fire". It means I'll be paying lots of money on the ebay machine, so please view and bid on some auctions I have up right now. If you have copies of these LPs and want to part and or trade them, please get in touch. Thanks. Nate

Thursday, November 20, 2008

NOG WATT fear 7" (1985)

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1.going on
2.wish you could feel
5.big warning, big mistake
6.neighborhood watch

Okay, this is one of the earlier of the Dutch bands that I can recall hearing when I was a youngster, and discovering international punk(after BGK of course). The first tracks I heard by these "gals" was off a compilation LP called beware of the wolf in Sheep's clothing. I bought this 7" and the Indirekt 7" based on hearing both bands tracks on the LP. I must admit that I wasn't interested in hearing all that much punk/hardcore with female vox back then. To me, back then it sounded wimpy. I still recall Tim Yohannon comparing them to the Avengers in a record review he did for MR&R. Pretty sure this was an all female hardcore band, and man its fucking raging as hell(think Sacrilege UK mixed with Avengers). The music Moves from thrashy hardcore with killer melodic bass riffs, to slower and heavier Avengers meets Fang styled stuff. My favorite song is "fear", the first song on side two. Its a slowy, but a beauty. I think these girls helped me to realize females could play thrashy hardcore, and it wasn't just a boys game. I was a pretty close minded metalhead up until the mid 80's, so this was typical of guys like me at the time.
When I first went to Holland to tour with my then band das Oath, I recall trying to talk to the older punks like Henk, Rudolf and Noel about where the Nog Watt girls were today. We instead got drunk and I watching these guys circle pit in a basement to the Offenders, so I didn't get more info out of these guys about the band, other than "they were a bunch of dirty squatters". Typical Dutch humor, poking fun at my interest. "Big warning, big mistake" and "neighborhood watch" are sharing the same track (.05), as the songs go right into one another.

FANG where the wild things are LP (1983)

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1.I've got the disease
2.suck and fuck
3.with friends like you
4.G.I. sex
5.road kills're cracked
7.I wanna be on tv
8.everybody makes me happy
9.junky dare
10.Berkeley heathen scum

I've posted Fang's Landshark LP on here in the past. This one is the bands 2nd LP, and almost as good, coming out a year after Landshark in 1983. The Band formed in around 1980, and put out a 7" that predates the LPs. I wish I had that one.
I sold this LP years ago, When I became disgusted with SammyTown's past(his conviction for the murder of his girlfriend in 1989). I Recently bought it again from a store in Oregon. Sammy was a Junkie going back years and years in S.F./Berkely area. Looking back I really am glad I got to see these guys in the mid 80's with my Buddy Zoran Theodorovic. We loved getting wasted, skating, and watching Fang play badly at random clubs in the bay area. It really is amazing to listen to both the bands first records, and to hear the major impact and influence it had on Kurt Cobain. The guitar playing is brilliant on the records. Weird and pretty experimental for the time period.
Living in the Bay area in the 80's was insane. Both the metal and punk scenes were infested with meth. It was almost impossible to not be involved in it. Frankly, I feel pretty lucky to have lived through the 80's, as it was a dangerous time to be fucking around with shit out there. This record, and Fang in general bring me back to a time when life was really dangerous. Enjoy, and as always say Hi!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DRESDEN 45 swiss bank account 7" (1988)

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3.newtons bad apple
4.smokin' usa
5.southern cal.

This is D45's second 7", it came out in 1988, and is a real treat, holding a special place in my heart. The band was formed in 1985 in Houston Texas, the home of Verbal Abuse, and DRI(before those bands both relocated to San Francisco). Dresden put out a number of 7"s(maybe four total?), and a LP. This 7" is the beginning of their thrashy crossover sound. Lots of crazy guitar solos, noodles and pointless wanks keep me loving this ep. The vocals are snotty, nerdy, but fast and sharp.
I recall reading a review of this ep in Maximum Rock n Roll back in the day when I looked at it as a bible for punk hardcore. The review, and the band name made me write the band, sending them $2 and a copy of my band the Romper Room Rejects demo tape. A few weeks later I received this ep in the mail, with a nice note from the guitarist (Pat I think). Was a pretty inspirational lil note that made me proud to be in RRR. For a good month this ep didn't leave my turntable, and even gained the attention of my metalheaded roomy Kenny D. Through the bands years they became even tighter, and more metal influenced. The "paradise lost" LP is a good place to go from here. Enjoy and please comment if you download.

Monday, November 17, 2008

CROWD OF ISOLATED I try to tell...LP (1987)

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1.fragment of hope friend
4.don't stop my fight
5.cold dark world
9.under pressure
10.die for your country! of my life
12.the own love song

COI were part of the mid 80’s German Hardcore/punk scene. I was heavily into this shit back then. I don’t know why I obsessed over German stuff so much back then. Could be the fact that there was a wall up between West and East Germany, and things were socially fucked up in both places, and it made for good music. When I think of Crowd of Isolated I think of other German bands like Sons of Sadism, Challenger Crew, Hostages Of Ayatollah, Spermbirds, Tu Du Hospital, etc. I also can’t help thinking about Iron Maiden. These guys really have a maiden influence that works well with their style of hardcore/punk. I’m sort of doubting it was intentional. I definitely hear it in both the bass playing, and sometimes the vox.
Listening to this again makes me think back to a trip I did across country when I moved home to Albany NY from Livermore California. I taped this LP, and must have listened to it 3 times a day in my shitty tape deck that was in my 1972 purple AMC Gremlin. Good memories. This is the type of record you can find for almost free(if you can locate one), as it was obscure even in the 80’s. Can’t imagine any one besides myself remembers this stuff. The last 3 songs are all on track 10.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

THE HANDSOME BEASTS-beastiality LP(1981)

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2.David's Song
4.One In A Crowd
5.Local Heroes
6.Another Day
8.Tearing Me Apart
9.High Speed

The Beasts put out three 7" eps before releasing this bluesy NWOBHM LP. There are hints of some southern rock, lots of hardrock/metal, and some blues. The band was fronted by that dude on the front cover of this record, Garry Dalloway (who had the nick-name "the original fat bastard"). Garry passed away in 2005. The bummer about this LP is that most the songs were on the 7"s, so when I got the LP i was bummed to realize there were only four songs I hadn't heard yet. My copies cover is way fucked up, and been through thick and thin with me.
The band formed in the late 70's, and the dude that ran Heavy Metal Records(Witchfinder General, Holocaust, etc)started the label because he couldn't get the Beasts an LP deal with Major labels.
A buddy of mine from Spencer Van-Etten NY, where I spent my youth in the sticks of one of America's last "dry" towns, turned me onto to this Record. John played drums and we would jam to the likes of these guys, Nugent, Ozzy, Rush, Kiss, etc. We would party in the woods, "camping" in an old school bus converted into a cabin, and burning down a mountainside (by accident of course)while getting high, drinking, and listening to this shit on bad boombox's. This stuff makes me remember the good times in my youth hanging out with friends like John Grippo, Keith Grap, Jim Lampila, and Zeke the freak.
Enjoy, and comment. This might be a little mellow for some of the folks that follow the blog.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MOVING TARGETS burning in water LP (1986)

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1.the other side
3.let me know why
4.shape of somethings
5.less than gravity
6.almost certain/drone
7.urban dub
8.always calling
12.coming home

Moving Targets were from Boston, and played a very melodic style of punk hardcore. The music stayed raw, and very real, and it was hard to believe that such tightness was achieved by a three piece band. The main reason I'm posting this one is because Pat Leonard the bass player and founding member died last week due to complications of head trauma. Sad in that he was only 42 years young. The band put out at least 4 LPs, this one being the first one.
I ended up with this copy of the record about a month ago at Wfmu's record convention. My buddy Charles came over waving it in my face asking me if I had it. I didn't because I sold it in the 90's because I thought it to be to melodic, and wimpy. Only Because I said no I didn't have it, Charles pushed it on me, told me to go home and listen.
I did, and was shocked to hear how much bands like Leatherface took the Moving Targets sound. Its easy to see how far ahead of their time M.T.'s were... I'd say the alternative scene of the early 90's owes these guys some recognition. My favorite song on this record is the last tune "coming home". Enjoy, and please Comment if you download.

Monday, November 10, 2008

STEEL s/t 7" (1981)

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1.rock out
2.all systems go

Amazing Metal that I know very little about. This UK band were an obscurity for sure. Bought the record in hopes of finding out more about the band, but To my knowledge This is it. Rock Out is such a catchy song that I find myself screaming the lyrics in the shower. Toeards the middle and end of the song you start realizing that the riffs and drums are sounding much like Maidens "running free". Great stuff that makes me wish I still had my '67 dart. Junior High school music for sure. Totally worth ripping these, you won't be disapointed if your a fan of the nwobhm.

C.M.X. Johannes Kastaja 7" (1987)

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1.Mielipuolinen rakkaus
3.siunattu tribe
5.on the wing
6.shaman's prayer

This is one weird assed raging Finnish hardcore ep. What's so strange about the band is that they've gone from this strange hardcore punk sound/attitude to being one of the most popular bands in Finland ever. They were voted the "Best Band of All Time" in Finland, though they are virtually unknown outside the country. The band put out a few great hardcore records, and then leaned more towards mainstream sounds in the 90's. It really is hard to fathom this being the same band. They are still together today putting out records and making music.
There are probably 500 of these ep's and somehow I own two copies. I was a weird collector fiend in the late 80's. I'd buy anything that was obscure and from another country. This debut I prolly didn't "get" like I do now.... but what I think makes these guys is the fact that they weren't doing the d beat crust thing that has been a staple in the Scandi hardcore scene. This stuff is weird, but pure, raw and fast.

Friday, November 7, 2008


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Mortal Terror
2.horrible death
3.ignorance kills
4.sick butchers
6.burned alive
7.yankee go home
8.groove along
10.burn bernard
11.mortal Terror
1.feet on the ground
4.grown up
5.the spark inside
6.never forget

Fucking hell man... Been blasting this one for twenty years and it still never gets old to me. Both bands were political/social UK punk bands in the sense of the word, but both took punk to a whole new level. Both were heavy in a very metal and raw sorta way, though keeping the shit sound of punk alive and well. They sounded as influenced by metal as much as they were by punk. Generic were so gruff and hard sounding. Mortal Terror were heavy and raw in that Electro Hippies sorta way. Sloppy stench core Is what I would call their style. According to a friend, Sned he tells me that The drummer of Mortal Terror played in HellBastard as well.
I recall my old band Devoid Of Faith finding out we were touring with the UK band Suffer, whom included drummer Sned, who played in a slew of UK punk bands including Generic. I drove in a van with Andrew from Black Army Jacket on the tour, and we listened to this split over and over on cassette. I was so excited to be touring with Sned, as I have all the Generic records.
Watching Sned walk through a taco bell drive thru was hilarious. Dudes feet seriously stunk, he took crust to a whole new level, when he would take off his shoes. Listening back to this reminds me of his loud assed snoring that kept me from getting any sleep on that mini tour.

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Mortal Terror

Thursday, November 6, 2008

KRUNCH tjafs & dalt 7" (1985)

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4.farlig lek

This is the Third ep by these Swedish punkrockers. Most purists are going to tell you they love the first 7" best due to its raw punkness...Me I love the metallic over tones this ep has. Don't get me wrong its still a pure hardcore punk masterpiece, but the production is so thick, and heavy that I think most metalheads will be able to handle this shit without thinking its to fucking punk. The band goes far beyond what many other Swedish bands are doing at the time. Another Band that refused to fall into the dis thing that was/is happening so heavily over there forever now. Sweden is known for its d beat crust masters, so its always refreshing to hear something that doesn't sound like everything else in the region.
I bought this one on a fluke. Driving across country when I was moving from S.F. back to New York in 1989. I had a little purple 1972 Gremlin that was filled with my records, a guitar, and some clothes. At any rate it took me 5 days to make the trip. I stopped in a record store in the middle of Omaha Nebraska, and saw this 7" in the used bin for .49 cents.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

AVENGER too wild to tame 7" (1983)

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1.too wild to tame
2.on the rocks

Avenger are another of the bands who got lost in NWOBHM obscurity. The records I love by these guys are This ep, and then the "blood sport" LP. Both have tremendous amounts of energy. I bought the single on Neat records at strawberry's records and tapes in Albany NY when it came out. As soon as blood sport came out I was at record stores looking for it. I couldn't find it at any of the chain stores locally, and stumbled into worlds records(well didn't stumble, was pointed by a comic employee at Fantaco) where they they were selling all the hard to find stuff whether it be punk or metal. Actually I found my first copy of Maximum Rock N Roll here as well.
Avenger have a similar sound of the UK band Satan, and were formed by ex Blitzkrieg members.
As a youngster in high school, a bunch of friends of mine and myself who hung out in a suburban area called "southgate" in Latham NY would blare metal on a boom box, and go hopping. Hopping was a gag we invented that happened on snow days when we had no school. A group of us would hang out at a 4 way stop sign in southgate(with a boom box blaring my newest metal find), and wait for cars to pull up, and stop. Two or three of us would then approach the back of the car, squat as though we were shitting, grab onto the bumper and go for a ride, with our feet acting as ski's. People would usually stop, chase us away, drive normally, or drive like madmen trying to shake us off.
Listening to "blood sport" gave us motivation and the balls to keep on hopping. I miss those friends, the Paulson Brothers, Gene Koreman, goofy, and Yom Bones. Dudes were trouble making heroes.

ANTI-SYSTEM defence of the realm 7" (1983)

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1.animal welfare longer to choose
3.service/1000 rifles
4.government lies
5.bomb threat

Anti-System formed in England in 1981, and put this, their first record out in 1983. Great d beat discore stuff from these Animal rights activists. Supposedly Members went to prison for roles in Animal rights acts. The only other band I really knew who sounded, and played like this at the time were Discharge.
In any case these guys have had a huge influence on hardcore bands even still today.
The song "Animal welfare" had an impact on my vegetarian ways early on...More so then the likes of Crass whom sorta played a more hippie style of punk, sharing some of the same ideas/values as bands such as Anti-system. Myself and buddies Louis and Roger would drive around the suburbs of Albany blasting the likes of this shit, while using sling shots to take out windows at fast food joints.
The political lyrics these dudes were writing were all things that thinking people growing up in the late 70's and 80's could relate to. Reagan and the cold war scared the shit out of all of us. Every day we thought a nuclear war was going to break out. Listening back to Its no wonder I was so fucking scared. This record reminds me of the fear and anger I was living with through my teenage years.

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"Bomb Threat"

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small
Now have all been wiped out, the good bomb took them all

Dismantle all your weapons, they only bring you harm
I hope I never see destruction or hear the warning alarm

A bomb threat forever hangs over our heads
I hope I never see the end, I pray the bomb they never send

If the sirens start to ring, for the fallout shelter I will head
I know some will never make it -- needless deaths

Monday, November 3, 2008

DREAM POLICE demise 7" (1981)

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Dream Police were a radical and obscure punk band that were from Denmark, who put out three records that I know of. The 3rd one is a 12" that I recently scored(clearly not as good as the first two eps). They were fronted by the insane Johnny Concrete, who put out some solo records that used the Dream Police members as the backing band. This 7" ep I was lucky enough to hear through my old pals Luke and Roger in Albany. They were huge fans of both the 1981 7" and the 1986 ep. Pretty raw punk noise, That in 2008 sounds like something that could have come out on Am Rep in the late 80's. Noisy for sure.
This is the first Danish hardcore band I'd ever heard. I loved the speed of the songs on the one side, but now sorta like the other side for its rockin metal riffs. This ep was recorded live, though you really can't tell. Its also the bands 1st release ever. I was lucky enough to get a copy of this when one of the bands I played in toured Europe and played shows in Scandinavia. A great Punkish Motorhead vibe in some of this material.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

RAPED TEENAGERS kalaspuffar LP(1987)

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1.Kalas Puffar
5.Barbapappa & Ankan Kalle
6.Moder Jord
10.Have A Coke And A Smile
12.Bad Bones
13.Fred Och Frihet
14.Vår Dagliga Dos
15.Mor & Far
16.The Crippled Brain

These dudes were from Sweden, and played some fast assed thrash that was quirky and weird. Lots of strange circus sounding jazz parts that most hardcore bands wouldn't have the balls to try, because it wasn't the "norm" within the mostly dogmatic thrash scene. All I can compare the bands weird parts to would be the likes of early Victims Family, Rhythm Pigs, and Die Kreuzen. Some of the reg thrash parts remind me of A.O.D. Its incredible to me even 20 years later that these guys had the ability to play this fast, so tight, and so oddly. Totally different then all the dis stuff from Sweden that everyone has been gushing about for years.
I was turned onto these guys by my older Albany Pal Roger Vandusen. He later sang in a band that I played in. The dude was into lots of German, Swedish, and Finnish stuff. He played me the RTs first release from 1985, and I was automatically searching for the bands other releases. Roger had a humongous European record collection, that most of us were in aw of in the 80's. He became pretty disgusted by punk and hardcore by 1992, and smartly dropped out. I ended up with all his Raped Teenagers stuff. Rog turned me on to so much good stuff. I left off song one, the instrumental, as I had a problem with the transfer. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

HADES resisting success LP (1987)

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1.the leaders
2.on to lliad tender
4.sweet revenge
5.night stalker
6.resist success
7.widows mite(chapter 11)
8.the cross
9.masque of the red death

I recently bought this at the wfmu record convention because it was cheap, and I was unsure that I still owned it. I store most all of my record collection at my mothers house upstate, so a lot of times I forget what I own. At any rate when my buddy Charles Maggio whom I was working for selling records at the convention saw this LP, he looked on the back cover to show me that one of the members, "Dan Lorenzo" later was Charles sisters soft ball coach. The band was from his home town in N.J. Pretty hilarious and weird as hell.
When one listens to this LP you can hear much of what was happening in the speed metal scene of the 80's for sure. People like to say these guys were a power metal band, whatever. I hear lots of early Death Angel, and even some Overkill in both the song writing and the production. I'd seen both those bands in the 80's, but never saw these bros. live, I'm feeling like I missed out for sure. Most punks will detest this one as there are true metal vocals with awesome high pitched falsetto screams, weird bass lines, acoustic intros and triumphant double bass drumming. I love this shit for sure...great vocals that make me wanna go back and listen to those Overkill records I thought I out grew. This record really makes me feel young again. Thanks Hades. Comment if you download.

DEATH OF GODS-a world of one divided by all 7" (1987)

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01. Growing Pains
02. Love vs. Hate
03. Side by Side
04. More Than One
05. Forked Road
06. Lake Ontario Smells Like Shit
07. Don't Bug Me
08. Top 10
09. I Hate
10. They

Also known as D.O.G., these Canadians put out only one record that I know of, and this is it. Fast melodic thrash, with cool lyrics, and catchy riffs. The guitars are totally primitive sounding almost in that Abused/Antidote sort of way. Think of the Abused with the singer from the Asexuals screaming bout everything that bothers him.
My Friend Simon turned me on to them in around 1993 or something like that. My good buddy/band mate Jim DOF was getting married, and Simon stayed with me in my Watervliet apt that weekend. Dude kept trying to trade anything he could for my Infest 7". He played me this obscure 7" on a cassette he had, and I loved it...though I of course did not go for that trade. A few years later I found this killer punk slab for .99 cents at Reptilian records in Baltimore. Tracks 4 and 5 are as one, so when downloading this it will come up as only 9 tracks. Enjoy this jem.

Friday, October 31, 2008

APOCALYPSE earth 7" (1990?)

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3.heart of man

I don't recall to much about these dudes, I guess I need to ask Ben Dropdead, as he put it out on his label "crust records". I can't even find a date on this one. I'm guessing this came out in 1990 or 1991, as it is crust records 1st release. The band was from Walnut Creek California, and played a brutal and raw brand of hardcore-metal that to some could be considered crust, or doomy grind. Regardless metalheads and punks will both enjoy. I think this stuff has a heavy Amebix feel to the recordings, and song writing. Song one and two run into each other, and are one track on the digital end of this.
Ben gave me a copy of this when I stayed with him during an early DOF recording session at Lanes in Boston. The night before we went to go record, Ben and some of the dudes from Grief got obliterated on Tequila at Ben's place. We were staying with him, and he was supposed to accompany us to record, and produce our 1st 12" on his label. I recall sitting at the kitchen table with these guys... some liquid came pouring off of the table. Ben was slumped over with his face on the table. I grabbed him by his hair to see where the liquid was coming from. His goatee was dripping wet. It turned out to be puke dribbling from him as he lay passed out at the table. The next day He was hung over pretty bad, he did not help all that much with his "producing" gig, but that night he gave me a copy of his first release ever, and had already been out of print. Thanks Ben, you are the best.

SPLIT BEAVER s/t 7" (1981)

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2.hound of hell

Split Beaver were from England, and played the classic nwobhm sound. Dudes formed in 1979, and were the winners of a local battle of the bands that supposedly got them some "popularity". The band put out this 7" on Heavy Metal records, plus a LP, then later broke up due to a motorcycle accident that affected the singer. You know the records good when they give a RIP on the back cover to Bon Scott. The guitar solo in "savage" has a very Ac/Dc sorta sound. Musically these guys had a very Tygers Of Pan Tang vibe to em. One of my favorite early metal 7"s. I originally bought a copy of this at records n such in the Albany NY area. I loved the cover, with them posing next to the motorcycle, and a member wearing a motorhead t shirt. I knew this had to be good. I pretty much bought metal 7"s as a way to decide if I needed the bands LP. These had no collector meaning to me back then. They were in some cases used as ash trays, frisbees, and coasters. This record was lost to one of those uses... I recently grabbed it at Wfmu's record convention. I was pretty stoked, and feeling 15 years old again. Comment, my metalheaded friends!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

SATANIC THREAT into hell 7" (2008)

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1.Guilty Of Hating Christ
2.He's On The Cross
3.Small God, Big Cross
4.Satanic Threat
5.I Ain't Gotta Worship
6.Being Black
7.Cursing At The Cross
8.Don't Follow Him

Okay, Its been a while since I've posted any music on here. Shit has been busy with work, the economy, and some family stuff. I'll try to get some stuff up here for November.
As I've said I rarely put new stuff up on here, but this one is another record I'm proud to have taken part in, as a split release with Hells Headbangers Records. Satanic Threat hail from Ohio, and play hardcore that sounds A LOT like Unity, Uniform Choice, and Minor Threat. featuring a former member of Gordon Solie Motherfckers and Annihilation Time the band brings a Minor Threat-inspired tirade against Christianity, with eight tracks of simple, fast hardcore punk with lyrics that are all fashioned after Minor Threat lyrics, but modified to voice the band's displeasure with religion. Pretty funny stuff. The packaging is pretty over the top as well. Enjoy, and comment, or just say hi.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Master in NYC

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ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!! Show was a blast... much respect for the mighty master.

Monday, September 22, 2008

ANIHILATED created in hate LP (1988)

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3.power is the path/anihilated part 2 dawn
7.seventh vial

One can't help but to compare these dudes to early Slayer. The vox are almost completely dead on most the time, and would even spook Tom Arya. England has never really been known or famous for thrash metal. There really are very few good UK thrash bands from the 80's. Grind, death, crust, stenchcore, now that's another story, the UK was crawling with that shit. This really is Slayer worship, done without the hooks that Slayer is famous for. This stuff is much more straightforward then say Slayer. The production is very raw, andsort of lacks that real metal feel that many metalheads need. Has a crossover sort of feel in the production(not the writing or the music)
I bought this record due to the artwork. Its done by comic book artist Simon Bisley. Primitive compared to his later works, but still cool as hell. Wish I still had the bands releases on vinyl format. This is ripped off of my tape copy. The band released a slew of stuff, and formed in 1983, releasing the 1984 demo a year later. The stuff was godly for the time, and always kept my neck snapping. Unfortunately I purged the vinyl in the early 90's.. I was a dumb ass. Enjoy and comment.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CAPITLE demo tape (1983)

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3.lean on a wall

Man so much I can say about Albany New York's first hardcore band. The first I knew of these guys was the graffiti I saw on the corner of Lark Street and Central ave. This was around 1983..Right there in huge letters on the wall was written Capitle. It was scrawled all over Albany in the early 80's right up til around 1990. I had no idea what it meant, or who the band was in 1983. I thought it was a political statement in regards to Albany (misspelled). I think the next year it was when these guys played Lark fest. Some friends from work and myself went to see the "live music". We saw a few other really crummy bands play outside on Lark street. I had no idea what I was seeing, and don't think I fully grasped what they were doing. I to this day still can't recall much, as we were drunk. It was outside, and the sound sucked. Larkfest was an annual community festival that I think was actually started by the band? I could be wrong, but that is what I recall hearing back in the day. Years later I got the actual demo from the bass player. He played in a band after Capitle called Vertebrae, and "the surge" as we called him would hang out at Erl records, tell us stories, and drink beers with the younger punks. Phil(surge) later moved to California to cook as a chef in prison. The vocalist Jim is still an Albany ficture.
These songs have an odd mixture of early Suicidal Tendencies (the song "error")mixed with some early Agnostic Front or NYCHC mosh arts. I love this stuff, and over the years have accumulated at least 3 copies of the bands demos. Someone really should put this stuff out on vinyl someday... lord knows I'd love to. I only put five of the songs up on here. Hope you dig em.

I'm a human
how about you?
I make errors
how about you
I'm not perfect
how about you
I admit when I'm fucked up
I'm a human, humans fuck up
to go through life
and mask your errors
I can't agree with that
don't throw the guilt trip at me
I can't agree with that
I suppose you never made a mistake
Its only human nature
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PERSIAN RISK ridin high 7" (1983)

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1.ridin high
2.hurt you

OK, I'm going to see Motorhead on Saturday night, so I figure I'd up something on the blog that was related.
Persian Risk formed in 1979 in England by Phil Campbell who has played in Motorhead and Lemmy now for over two decades. Dudes a total hero. I love both of the P.R. singles that I own.
When I bought this at Strawberry's records and tapes on Wolf Road in Colonie NY twenty some years ago I had no idea what I was in for. I was taking a chance and just loved the back cover photo, and the way the band looked. Dudes were wearing spikes and leather, and looked cool in a 1983 sorta way. I was a die hard Maiden fan, so this wasn't all that far off. It made this pimple faced metal kid happy. The guitar playing is great. Campbell plays and chugs away exactly the way one would want one to in the early metal days with his killer hook riffs, and a solo on "hurt you" that reminds me of some fast Eddie Clark noodles. No wonder Lemmy chose Phil for the Motorhead sound! The main riff in "hurt you" also has a Riot Influence. Cool nwobhm stuff that most metal heads rifle right past when taking the headbanging journey into heaviness.