Monday, November 17, 2008

CROWD OF ISOLATED I try to tell...LP (1987)

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1.fragment of hope friend
4.don't stop my fight
5.cold dark world
9.under pressure
10.die for your country! of my life
12.the own love song

COI were part of the mid 80’s German Hardcore/punk scene. I was heavily into this shit back then. I don’t know why I obsessed over German stuff so much back then. Could be the fact that there was a wall up between West and East Germany, and things were socially fucked up in both places, and it made for good music. When I think of Crowd of Isolated I think of other German bands like Sons of Sadism, Challenger Crew, Hostages Of Ayatollah, Spermbirds, Tu Du Hospital, etc. I also can’t help thinking about Iron Maiden. These guys really have a maiden influence that works well with their style of hardcore/punk. I’m sort of doubting it was intentional. I definitely hear it in both the bass playing, and sometimes the vox.
Listening to this again makes me think back to a trip I did across country when I moved home to Albany NY from Livermore California. I taped this LP, and must have listened to it 3 times a day in my shitty tape deck that was in my 1972 purple AMC Gremlin. Good memories. This is the type of record you can find for almost free(if you can locate one), as it was obscure even in the 80’s. Can’t imagine any one besides myself remembers this stuff. The last 3 songs are all on track 10.

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  1. Never heard of these guys. Cool Name, great sound!

  2. Man, I've discovered a load of new man's via your blog man! Great stuff. Cheers! Thank's for sharing.


  3. That should of read bands, not mans via your blog. Shit...haha


  4. Thanks for posting this band.

    It's their first 12" record, the second one is called "memories and scars" - also on X-Mist Records who did all the classics back then (Spermbirds, Walter Elf, Skeezicks, Happy Ever After (Skeezicks + Jason from Social Unrest singing), L' Attentat, Everything Falls Apart, Challenger Crew etc.). They also had a 7" called "bad actors". They were very much into the D.C. sound and Verbal Assault too. The record you posted is supposed to be the first German emo record :).
    The band was from the Saarland area (home of Spermbird's successor Steakknife too) and the members later used to be in Jack-A-Napes (hard to describe... think of later D.C. stuff like Sevens, Fugazi etc.) and Bushfire (fast, melodic hardcore with a 7 seconds touch). Very nice and down to earth people, Michael from Crowd Of Isolated works in a youth club today, helping young bands to get started and so on.

    If you are still into the Kraut stuff from this time make sure you check out the following bands: Seven Sioux/ Target Of Demand/ Schwester Sioux (very, very D.C. like from Austria), Dunkle Tage, 7 Inch Boots (pre-Bohren & Der Club Of Gore), Chronical Diarrhoea, Squandered Message (with Flo from Heartfirst Records), Drowning Roses, SM 70 etc.

  5. I can seeing the lyrics sorta being on the emo/personal side of things, but the music really is hardcore.
    There really is VERY little emo that I would give the time of day. Obviously early DC stuff I can dig.
    I used to love Squandered Message, Skeezicks, Chronical Diarrhoea, etc.

    Thanks for the infos, and comments...


  6. I don't hear the emo sound at all. Great stuff.

  7. This is not emo! to heavy.

  8. Thanks a lot for this One.

  9. i have this oneon vinyl somewhere - at least i used to.. At any rate, its good stuff for sure. i had another friend back in the day that knew about, and turned me onto to some German hardcore that I prolly never woulda heard otherwise. I own the Challenger Crew split w/ EFA that you posted as well. The CC stuff is amazing. And I always really liked Anti toxin - The Enemy is you 7". i would recommend that to anyone who digs this kinda stuff.

    Loved the cover of this one too. I'd like to have a praying mantis paint a portrait of me!!

  10. Damn. I love this band! If you like german punk music that sounds like iron maiden, you probably like the "Aids Cats".
    I just posted an 80s sampler featuring them (and also "Crowd of Isolated") on my blog.
    Visit it @

    Most of my stuff is related to the german band EA80...dunno if you know them.

    Anyways. You should listen to the Aids Cats, since their guitar definately reminds of good old Iron Maiden (particular).

    Greetings from overseas.

    Feel free to add my blog.


  11. I set up a few concerts for these lads back in the 80s (Smurfpunx - Belgium). Would like to get in touch...for my blog.