Monday, November 10, 2008

C.M.X. Johannes Kastaja 7" (1987)

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1.Mielipuolinen rakkaus
3.siunattu tribe
5.on the wing
6.shaman's prayer

This is one weird assed raging Finnish hardcore ep. What's so strange about the band is that they've gone from this strange hardcore punk sound/attitude to being one of the most popular bands in Finland ever. They were voted the "Best Band of All Time" in Finland, though they are virtually unknown outside the country. The band put out a few great hardcore records, and then leaned more towards mainstream sounds in the 90's. It really is hard to fathom this being the same band. They are still together today putting out records and making music.
There are probably 500 of these ep's and somehow I own two copies. I was a weird collector fiend in the late 80's. I'd buy anything that was obscure and from another country. This debut I prolly didn't "get" like I do now.... but what I think makes these guys is the fact that they weren't doing the d beat crust thing that has been a staple in the Scandi hardcore scene. This stuff is weird, but pure, raw and fast.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing with the ignorant masses.

  2. I had the blue cover version of this, but, as usual, don't have a clue what happened to it! I'll have to download it right now.
    Crazy to hear that they're the "most popular Finnish band ever"! Reminds me of when RIISTETYT became the HOLY DOLLS & were one of the top rock bands in Finland.
    Keep up the great work, Nate! Oh, & definately more punk & less metal for me!

  3. you are the shit man!!! thanks. I Really love the music on here. If we grew up in the same town we would have been inseparable.
    What did CMX stand for?

  4. Not sure...I know they were originally called Cloaca Maxima, which means greatest sewer. I guess CMX could stand for that..

  5. Thanks for the upload. Never heard these blokes! Great stuff. More rare hardcore stuff please....

  6. Basicly every CMX album is great one, but they are just so different. CMX has flirted with hardcore, metal, industrial, ambient, traditional rock, stoner and the list goes on...

    You just have to be open minded and prepered that every new album is gonna be something totally new.

    Mainstream? You really cants say that cause finish people just love rock, theres metal and punk bands on top lists all the time.

  7. This album's name is translated to John the Baptist. Does it has any reference to him at all or it it just a simple name? I read a bit ofthem and they are really huge in Finland, amazing there is almost nothing of them outside the borders.