Wednesday, November 5, 2008

AVENGER too wild to tame 7" (1983)

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1.too wild to tame
2.on the rocks

Avenger are another of the bands who got lost in NWOBHM obscurity. The records I love by these guys are This ep, and then the "blood sport" LP. Both have tremendous amounts of energy. I bought the single on Neat records at strawberry's records and tapes in Albany NY when it came out. As soon as blood sport came out I was at record stores looking for it. I couldn't find it at any of the chain stores locally, and stumbled into worlds records(well didn't stumble, was pointed by a comic employee at Fantaco) where they they were selling all the hard to find stuff whether it be punk or metal. Actually I found my first copy of Maximum Rock N Roll here as well.
Avenger have a similar sound of the UK band Satan, and were formed by ex Blitzkrieg members.
As a youngster in high school, a bunch of friends of mine and myself who hung out in a suburban area called "southgate" in Latham NY would blare metal on a boom box, and go hopping. Hopping was a gag we invented that happened on snow days when we had no school. A group of us would hang out at a 4 way stop sign in southgate(with a boom box blaring my newest metal find), and wait for cars to pull up, and stop. Two or three of us would then approach the back of the car, squat as though we were shitting, grab onto the bumper and go for a ride, with our feet acting as ski's. People would usually stop, chase us away, drive normally, or drive like madmen trying to shake us off.
Listening to "blood sport" gave us motivation and the balls to keep on hopping. I miss those friends, the Paulson Brothers, Gene Koreman, goofy, and Yom Bones. Dudes were trouble making heroes.


  1. Hell yeah! Just downloaded and listened to both songs. Makes me wish I had a 69' camaro so I can drive around blasting it at max

  2. I just sold my '67 dodge dart about a year ago. was costing me like $4 to turn a corner.

    Dude I sold it to I left Slayers "south of heaven" in the tape deck.

  3. shits hilarious man. Not the kind of metal I like, but I can see why you guys might.


  4. Damn, that sucks. Darts are really nice cars, but the gas these cars eat up is insane. I remember I would blow 1/3 of my paycheck to fill my tank. But hell, my car was a beast '84 Delta 88. Smoked the shit out of alot of these plastic cars.

  5. this is amazing. definitely up there with both Blitzkrieg and Satan. never heard these dudes before, so thanks :)

    ps - you were in Devoid of Faith? ahhh, memories... i think i have one of your old 7"s kickin around here somewhere ;)

  6. The only recording with Brian Ross(BLITZKRIEG)in Avenger.This is one of my fav 7" cause both tracks KICK ASS!

  7. does anyone have the lyrics for Too Wild To Tame written out? Some iffy parts I just can't seem to figure out. Thanks.