Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MOVING TARGETS burning in water LP (1986)

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1.the other side
3.let me know why
4.shape of somethings
5.less than gravity
6.almost certain/drone
7.urban dub
8.always calling
12.coming home

Moving Targets were from Boston, and played a very melodic style of punk hardcore. The music stayed raw, and very real, and it was hard to believe that such tightness was achieved by a three piece band. The main reason I'm posting this one is because Pat Leonard the bass player and founding member died last week due to complications of head trauma. Sad in that he was only 42 years young. The band put out at least 4 LPs, this one being the first one.
I ended up with this copy of the record about a month ago at Wfmu's record convention. My buddy Charles came over waving it in my face asking me if I had it. I didn't because I sold it in the 90's because I thought it to be to melodic, and wimpy. Only Because I said no I didn't have it, Charles pushed it on me, told me to go home and listen.
I did, and was shocked to hear how much bands like Leatherface took the Moving Targets sound. Its easy to see how far ahead of their time M.T.'s were... I'd say the alternative scene of the early 90's owes these guys some recognition. My favorite song on this record is the last tune "coming home". Enjoy, and please Comment if you download.


  1. i'm just commenting 'cos you said please, haha

    no really man, i appreciate the effort from you, and yeah, i'm guilty too of always taking stuff and not even saying thanks

    it's so great to find stuff you only ever heard about "back in the day" and coudn't listen to because it was so obscure, and because imported records in my country are so expensive and so fucking hard to find....

    so i am saying thanks to you


  2. great shit!
    Are the bands other records as good?

  3. Nah, the other records ain't as good as this brilliant LP, but they are still really good.
    The energy on this is fantastic & they never lose the intensity at all.
    I know what you mean, Nate! I sold lotsa records thinking they were "too wimpy" then lived to regret it a few years down the line.

  4. That Charles Guy sounds like a jerk!

  5. thank you! fuck, i have been looking for this for years.

  6. no prob. glad you dudes dig it.
    Matt we gotta get you an account on witbawdtsl.I'm sure charles has got you lurking?


  7. I saw them some number of years ago. So Sad! Rest In Piece.

  8. R.I.P.

    great record. Thanks for the music.

  9. Hey. I used to have this on an original taang twofer release i got for like two bucks a long time ago. I loved it back then and then i lost the casette. This is great, great pop punk. It s so sad to hear about Pat Leonard tho, I had no idea. Thanks for the Pushead mixed hc tape too!! I was very active whilst living here in Colombia as a teen, trading punk tapes w people from all over - australia, canada, and the u.s. mostly, so your post made me reminisce about how much time and care i would invest in finding just the right transition, orchestrating the appropriate tempochange, even down to the silent time inbetween songs, and then the decoration of the tape was a whole other production!! Thanks.

  10. That song "The Other Side" really is the best song Husker Du never wrote. The harmonies on the chorus kill me every time. Someone should do a playlist or a comp. of all the post-Husker Du bands, there was a whole slew of them in the mid-80s though few of them were as good as this. Moving Targets did some reunion shows about 10 years back and I saw them at Brownies in NYC and I think they played this record pretty much start to finish and it was note perfect.

  11. I never saw these guys live... I'm a shit for brains.

  12. It's like the missing link between Husker Du and the Descendents mid-to-later stuff. Really fucking good. Thanks for posting it.

  13. love this album.
    Im italian- tankyou for this!!
    greetings from costaest italia!!!

    the name is FRONTIERA from aosta!!
    or KINA!!

  15. this is great. thank you so much.

    i really appreciate your taking the time to do this site... thanks again!!!

  16. I love this band. I also gave away my 'fall' album only to re-buy it years later. To my ears Moving Targets dont sound dated at all, they just have this classic sound that cant be beaten. There was a band called 'drive' from Liverpool U.K. also a three piece and also very good melodic punk; worth tracking down. Great blog by the way and merry xmas everyone.

  17. GOD what a classic!

    Any blog that loves Moving Targets, Jaguar and Angelwitch is easily the BEST BLOG EVER!

  18. Burning in Water is my all time favorite record. I am lucky enough to have seen them several times in Boston when I was in college and their live show was untouchable. I wish more people would post their videos to youtube because the ones up there now don't do them any justice. They were brilliant live! Music has moved me and made me feel things, but nothing has ever made me feel the way Moving Targets music does.

    Thank you so much for posting and making people aware!

  19. The drummer died last week.
    Great record for the drumming alone!
    RIP Pat Brady 1965-2009

  20. Two of the original three dead is beyond bleak. I knew those guys from when they came to England. All three were just the best. I still keep in touch with Kenny sporadically - he is a getnleman of the highest order. This and "Brave Noise" are the best Targets records by far - and live they were just the best.

  21. good health for you

  22. Thanks for this. I have been looking for these guys on and off over the years. I really miss this kind of music. It was all part of the soundtrack to the best years of my life. 'Always Calling' is one of my all time fav tunes. I agree with the intro spiel that these guys were ahead of their time, just like so many other independent bands here in Sydney (and everywhere else!) at the time. Cheers, Steve.

  23. My band Cordial Spew played with Moving Targets in Omaha when they were touring for this record.. They stayed with my original drummer Bob when they were here.. I got a signed copy with some great comments from those guys on it.. Stunning live band!! They are still one of my faves.. And we (Spew) played with the likes of Descendents,NOFX,DRI,Agnostic,MDC,Verbal Assault,SNFU and tons more in the 85 to 87era.. Funny thing is.. We have played with most of those bands in the 2007 to present era too.. Add TSOL,Vibrators,and Meatmen to this new run.. But yeah.. I love digging this Vinyl out.. Jay Bacon

  24. I purchased Burning in Water in 1987/88, and I loved the cover of the guitar player, however, I was less moved by the music. I don't know what ever happened to that tape by 1989, but I know this, that I have rediscovered Moving Targets in 2015, and I have listened to Burning in Water again, as well as Brave Noise and Fall. What was I thinking, oh yeah, I know, in 1987 if it wasn't hard and fast, I dismissed it. It has been my loss since 1988. I now listen and marvel in the great songs by this band. Charles was right. It took me 27 years to really enjoy this band. Twenty Seven years, but....I got there!