Sunday, November 23, 2008

REASON TO BELIEVE the next door 7" (1988)

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1.true love always
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4.rollercoaster foundation upside down

Thinking about records I some how destroyed through the years, this one comes to mind(from So bummed).
I first heard these guys in 1987 from a compilation tape I ordered through the mail called "Open Your Eyes". It was demo stuff by R2B that appeared on the tape. To this day, I've still never found the entire demo, just those tracks.
After hearing that stuff I ended up getting their 7" that came out on Soul Force records. My friend in San Ramon California (Kurt Dittmer)was buddies with the Unit Pride dudes, and their ep was also on the label, so they had copies of both 7"s for sale. We would sit in his room smoking up, wishing we were edge listening over and over to this ep(took me a while to actually get the edge, before it went dull again). This shit was so catchy and well played, but at the same time retained speed, and an element of rawness that makes this record stick out. The only thing I could compare this to would be Minor Threat meets Verbal Assault maybe(the guitar playing).
My copy of this got destroyed by my cat when he was a kitten in like 1991. Sock clawed and scratched up the cover, tearing through to the wax, and mangling even that. It's okay because over the years I managed to get more than one copy of the repress on Nemesis, and to this day don't really think I need the OG(or maybe I do?). The band later released a great LP on Nemesis. Maybe one day I'll upload that one as well.


  1. - Thanks for sharing! Just upgrading... :-)

  2. Haha, 'smoking up, wishing we were edge' This is a good band indeed, I like the LP a lot too.

  3. This really blew me away when I first heard it back then. I was into the "hard-as-nails" fast hardcore & had no time for shit like melody & tunefulness, but this band had something that really got to me. I picked up their LP really cheap, too & it's great!

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  5. thanks for the comments guys. This one got me thinking about, and contacting my Buddy Kurt pretty recently. It's been years since we last spoke, and one of the first things we chatted about was Reason To Believe. Sooo good.


  6. please upload that album.....I have the original nemesis copy on cassestte, in the garage somewhere, but no way of making it into the digital age...I loved that record, and never had, or could find this one..thanks a ton.

  7. thank u for this..i have this ep, but totally forgot about it. great band. i really liked sensefield aswell, but this is crucial! didn´t even know they made an album, but managed to to dl it. great stuff, and great blog! i´ve met u to, i´m daniel from filthy christians, bruce banner and now axe: .check it out. take care/ daniel.

  8. Daniel

    I remember. cool to hear from you. How is Per doing? I hope you guys don't mind that I put the Filthy Christians LP on my blog many months ago. Was one of my favs in the early 90's.

  9. hey Nate,
    uploaded the full demo for you

    dont have a year and its only 128 kbps but its the only version ive seen...its 7 tracks,and imo their best work!
    take care

  10. Bastards, Cirith Ungol, now this ? ? ?
    I think I got this at Zed's when I was a kid.
    The LP is great too.
    Good live band at this point in time as well.

  11. hi,how are ya????
    please upload the reason to believe lp if yo that record...tommy.many thanx from argentina

  12. Thanks for the R2B!! Saw them a bunch (pun intended - John Bunch ha ha) in LA. Great band and great guys.

  13. Can you please re-share?? The link is broken!