Thursday, November 20, 2008

NOG WATT fear 7" (1985)

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1.going on
2.wish you could feel
5.big warning, big mistake
6.neighborhood watch

Okay, this is one of the earlier of the Dutch bands that I can recall hearing when I was a youngster, and discovering international punk(after BGK of course). The first tracks I heard by these "gals" was off a compilation LP called beware of the wolf in Sheep's clothing. I bought this 7" and the Indirekt 7" based on hearing both bands tracks on the LP. I must admit that I wasn't interested in hearing all that much punk/hardcore with female vox back then. To me, back then it sounded wimpy. I still recall Tim Yohannon comparing them to the Avengers in a record review he did for MR&R. Pretty sure this was an all female hardcore band, and man its fucking raging as hell(think Sacrilege UK mixed with Avengers). The music Moves from thrashy hardcore with killer melodic bass riffs, to slower and heavier Avengers meets Fang styled stuff. My favorite song is "fear", the first song on side two. Its a slowy, but a beauty. I think these girls helped me to realize females could play thrashy hardcore, and it wasn't just a boys game. I was a pretty close minded metalhead up until the mid 80's, so this was typical of guys like me at the time.
When I first went to Holland to tour with my then band das Oath, I recall trying to talk to the older punks like Henk, Rudolf and Noel about where the Nog Watt girls were today. We instead got drunk and I watching these guys circle pit in a basement to the Offenders, so I didn't get more info out of these guys about the band, other than "they were a bunch of dirty squatters". Typical Dutch humor, poking fun at my interest. "Big warning, big mistake" and "neighborhood watch" are sharing the same track (.05), as the songs go right into one another.


  1. I wonder if this chicks were hot?! Probably not. Some Great sounding hardcore none the less.
    thank you Nate, you rule the web!


  2. This is great! I've had some compilation tracks of Nog Watt... thanks for sharing!

  3. Unfortunately this and a couple comps is all they did.

    Still wondering what these gals are up to.


  4. Another classic chosen by yourself, Nate! I LOVE this 7" &, as you said, this proves the fact that women can play blasting hardcore just as good as the guys. I also just couldn't live with female vocals in punk back when I was younger, but I can totally appreciate them now.
    I think the singer ran Konkurrent Records for a while, but don't know what the other got up to. Oh, & I think the drummer was also in No Pigs.

  5. Awesome 7", one of my favorites EVER.. Wouldn't happen to have that NO PIGS 7", would you?? Been an admirer of your blog for a while,brings back a whole lot of memories.... THANKS!!

  6. heej, well since you have met rudolf, i thought it would be a great idea to link your blog up to
    Rudolf is posting there to, once in while hahaha
    loving the blog hardrock/heavy metal & hardcore!

  7. Dolf is a true friend... one of my favorite of all the Dutch bastards I know.

  8. I love this record- only discovered it last year.

  9. Would you sell this?

  10. Dude...
    Maybe for a zillion space bucks!