Friday, November 7, 2008


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Mortal Terror
2.horrible death
3.ignorance kills
4.sick butchers
6.burned alive
7.yankee go home
8.groove along
10.burn bernard
11.mortal Terror
1.feet on the ground
4.grown up
5.the spark inside
6.never forget

Fucking hell man... Been blasting this one for twenty years and it still never gets old to me. Both bands were political/social UK punk bands in the sense of the word, but both took punk to a whole new level. Both were heavy in a very metal and raw sorta way, though keeping the shit sound of punk alive and well. They sounded as influenced by metal as much as they were by punk. Generic were so gruff and hard sounding. Mortal Terror were heavy and raw in that Electro Hippies sorta way. Sloppy stench core Is what I would call their style. According to a friend, Sned he tells me that The drummer of Mortal Terror played in HellBastard as well.
I recall my old band Devoid Of Faith finding out we were touring with the UK band Suffer, whom included drummer Sned, who played in a slew of UK punk bands including Generic. I drove in a van with Andrew from Black Army Jacket on the tour, and we listened to this split over and over on cassette. I was so excited to be touring with Sned, as I have all the Generic records.
Watching Sned walk through a taco bell drive thru was hilarious. Dudes feet seriously stunk, he took crust to a whole new level, when he would take off his shoes. Listening back to this reminds me of his loud assed snoring that kept me from getting any sleep on that mini tour.

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Mortal Terror


  1. Great post of great bands. I don't suppose you have the Generic demo or their split with the Electro Hippies? I'd love to hear those as well. Thanx for sharing this one.

  2. man, you have great records. this is a complete classic.
    Have you ever thought about interviewing band members who reply to your posts?
    I'd love to read one by the kids for Cash dude,Impaler guitarist as well.
    I'd love to read about what the Generic guys are up to these days. Is Sned still active in bands?


  3. thanks.
    Its something to consider(interviews). Doublecross, the straightedge blog in my link area does some great ones.

    The problem is, that usually someone who might find the sight with their band on it, comments, then never checks back. who knows...
    Sned is around, and might even comment on this someday. He recently told me that it was a pretty bad time in his life whe this record came out, and caused much drama and the loss of some friends.


  4. I'm (Impaler ex-guitarist) still checking out the blog ;-)
    Im not playing anymore with them . But I did get together and play a 25 yr reunion show with them last month. The band itself is still playing. They just finished a European tour this summer and have a new Cd coming out soon . They have a myspace page and Bill (vocals) would love to hear from fans or do any interview


  5. I like the Generic side better. Do you have other Generic shit you can post? Don't they have many 7"s

  6. generic did 3 7"s - teh split LP with Electro Hippies and the split with Mortal Terror. Sned went on to be in One By One, Sffer, Health Hazard, John Holmes, Boxed In and currently War all the Time... all great....

  7. generic did 3 7"s - teh split LP with Electro Hippies and the split with Mortal Terror. Sned went on to be in One By One, Sffer, Health Hazard, John Holmes, Boxed In and currently War all the Time... all great....

  8. Health Hazard and Suffer Ruled! Saw Suffer on the tour Nate speaks of. Tney were rad.
    Does War All The time have stuff out?

  9. Generic also did a Split 10' with 'Pleasant Valley Children', whom i THINK Sned was also a member of.

  10. i was never over impressed with mortal terror on record...i saw them live in huddersfield mid to late eighties...they seriously kicked ass...incredible

  11. The split 10" with PVC, who Sned also drummed for, was most of the 1st demo. From memory I think that there are two tracks missed off.

    There will never be a Generic discography as Wizz, who sang all the way through the various line ups of the bands, is a convicted sex offender: Sned and myself feel that is completely at odds with what the band stood for.

    We are quite happy for people to share our music online but have no interest whatsoever in putting it out ourselves and certainly don't want people bootlegging it.

    Generic was never meant to be a product... it was just the most useful thing we could think to do with a piece of plastic at the time!



  12. thank you for the news, and the insight on the band.
    Its great to get comments like these.

  13. No Problem Nate!

    After reading through some of your comments about band members popping in making a comment and never coming back again I thought I'd break the trend!!!

    Sned and Wizz continued through all of the line ups, I left after the Electro Hippies Split and Terry swapped bass for guitar. Terry then played on the Spark Inside and Mortal Terror split before leaving to play in HDQ. I think that this coincided with Sned moving to Leeds. The last line up of Generic, all Leeds based with the exception of Wizz, wrote some bloody good songs of which sadly only 4 made it on to this record.

    From memory Sned was playing in PVC at the same time as Generic was winding down.

    I then went onto form One By One with Alec and Sned... later joined by Karin.
    When PVC died Sned and Alec formed Health Hazzard, which morphed into Suffer.

    One By One faded out and Karin and I got together with Andy, Chrissy and Johny to form Ebola.
    Johny and Chrissy were also in a band called Needlestick which morphed into Sawn Off with the addition of Ash on guitar...
    Johny left Ebola and moved to Southampton and went on to play in Minute Manifesto: Nick (Enslaved Records)replaced him in Ebola
    Andy moved to Glasgow and formed Shank, leaving Sawn Off but staying in Ebola.
    Andy was replaced in Sawn Off by Chris from Health Hazzard/Suffer and when Chrissy left he was replaced by Sned.
    This line up of Sawn Off morphed into Boxed in when Dickie and Johny left and were replaced by Dingo from Minute Manifesto and Nick from Ebola...

    Anyone still reading by now will have realised that everyone kept joining and leaving each others bands!

    I'll spare you further Ebola line sagas just to say that all 4 records have different line ups...

    After Ebola split I went on to form Jinn, Nick left Boxed In and formed a band whose name completely escapes me who eventually morphed into Geriatric Unit long after he'd left them.
    Boxed In morphed into War All the time with the departure of Chris and Nick.

    At the same time as all this Sned was also playing in Threads and Gruel.

    War All The Time and Jinn have now split and Ash has got the 2nd Sawn Off line up back together and is also working on another band Death's Black Riders.

    Andy left Glasgow emigrated to Canada and keeps himself busy with various projects such as Joshua Norton Cabal, Endless Blockade and Slaughter Strike.

    Not sure what Sned's up to now but unless he moves over to Belgium I'm not going to be forming a band with him!

    Pretty much all of these bands have vinyl and CD's out so you can listen to the soundtrack to all of this chaos!

    Take care


  14. Alright Micky, hows Belgium? Started a new band yet? Just read your brief and confusing North Eastern hardcore histories. Sawn Off only reformed for the one gig back in May 2009. Deaths Black Riders is the post Sawn Off band, with Ash, Chrissie and Dickie from Sawn off with Lee from Decontrol on bass.


  15. Wizz, singer from that band was no simple sex offender. He is imprisoned for acts of pedophelia, attempting to have sexual encounter with a 13-year-old girl. Not to mention that he 'd been arrested several times for exposing himself.

    It seems that for him humanitarian ideals were no more than the words he sung. However, GENERIC as a band, seemed to be among the few with true dedication to the anarcholibertarian vision.

    Sad. But as a member of that scene back in the late 80ies, I feel myself justified to jump-off that scene of rude alcoholics, brainless straight edgers and nazi skins as it turned to be from the 90ies onwards.

  16. Cheers for your comments. And as the drummer for the Mortal Terror side of this record, thought I might as well confuse you further. I was indeed also the drummer for Hellbastard at the time, til '88.Pug moved away and Duncan the guitarist on this record left Mortal Terror sometime after and we got Adda in, the line-up that recorded the split lp with Aural Corpse in 1990.The band gradually dissolved not too long aftewards.To skip 20 years I now play drums for Brainworm, which includes Tom & Jonny Deadman(ex-Sawn-Off),Pug plays drums for the Fiend, and Scalzey lives in Edinburgh playing guitar for Happy Spastics and throat for Afterbirth, amongst probably loads of other stuff.

  17. Thank you all,Dudes!!

  18. And in reference to the Huddersfield Punx Picnic gig, cheers, I remember we had to hitch down, and me & Richie (bass) got stuck in Catterick for fucking hours. We just made it to Huddersfield in time & had to virtually go straight on, the rest of the cunts in the band had also drunk our crate of Brown Ale which was our payment for the gig. Ah well, happy daze.

  19. great stories! thanks man. Nate

  20. Please repost this! The mediafire file is no longer valid, cant find this stuff anywhere