Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BATTLEAXE burn this town LP (1983)

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1.Ready To Deliver
2.Her Mama Told Her
3.Burn This Town
4.Dirty Rocker
6.Runnin' Outta Time
9.Thor Thunder angel
10.Hands Off

This one ain't for the punks...Some truly amazing New wave of heavy metal from New castle England. The band started out as Warrior and in around in 1981 changed their name to Battleaxe and released a 7" that was also called "burn this town". That is a really tough and expensive single to obtain. What first attracted me to this melodic, yet heavy record was the amazing cover art. The band was embarrassed about it, but somehow let it still come out. Made me buy it... I love the cheese, so bad its really good.
I think if you dig the likes of Holocaust, and maybe early Manowar or Anthrax(fistful era)you'll be blown away by this obscure gem. The production is great, and as I stated earlier, the music is catchy in that Holocaust metal way. Nothing spectacular happening with the vocals, they do what they need to do. Not many high pitched girl screaming here.
I recall hearing this one at my guitar teacher Henry Macfarren's house. He played guitar in a metal band called China White. I was in love with the song "her mama told her", so it was a song I attempted to twang along with for a few months. Skipping school, and trying to figure out bad metal riffs, that was my life. To this day, the song still brings a tear to my eye. Also hooked on the last song, "hands off". Total Tygers Of Pan Tang meets Nugent man.. Fuck yeah.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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Fourteen Or Fight
1.revenge of the latchkey kids
2.aggressive collector
3.combo amp a go go
4.godless America
The Repos control last time
3.fugitive family 2
4.ha ha hardcore
5.alright??! decline
7.hollow trees

Okay I put this record out a few years ago. Usually I stick with older stuff on the blog, but I'm pretty proud of this out of print red slab of wax. Both sides sound pretty fucking old any ways.
Fourteen Or Fight were born from the ashes of Chicago's MK Ultra & Charles Bronson. I was familiar with the bands demo because of my tight relationship with then bassist Jon "Jack" Arrends. These guys played pulverizing hardcore punk that went further back into punk roots then either of the mentioned ex bands that these guys were in. Not really thrashy or powerviolence influenced at all... straight up 80's hardcore with a heavy East coast influence.
The Repos I was exposed to by my old room mate Mark McCoy who played me the bands demo. I was pretty blown away, and heard the strong Septic Death influence, mainly in the vocals.
A few years went on when I got a call from Mark telling me that the bands needed help with this split, as they were planning on originally doing it themselves, but could no longer afford it. I jumped at it, as the 14 Or Fight guys were good friends, and I was planning to release an LP buy them(that was recorded, and never came out). I did 1000 of these bad boys, and its been long out of print. Hope you dig it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

PUTRID MASS stripped by flesh demo (1992)

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1.Lacerating necropsy
3.burrowing thru
4.horribly disfigured
5.little remains

I was pretty into the death metal, and black metal scenes in the early 90's. Was buying everything, and going to see great shows in the NY area. I think the over production of the stuff is what got me to move on and forget about the scene. Everything started sounding completely dogmatic.
Putrid Mass were from the mid west(some place in Michigan I believe). I got turned onto them by the vocalist of my grind band at the time (Monster X). John our singer was into some pretty cool shit, and would tape trade metal/noise demos from all over the world. I ended up with this one.
I think the shitty raw production is what attracts me to this still to this day. It's not about digital sounds and triggers... just straight up gore core. We actually used to jokingly call them Putrid mess, because of the rawness. Black metal fiends will dig this for sure...
To my knowledge the band only diid one other demo, with no proper releases... a true underground band for sure.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

RKL live cassette tape (1987 the Farm)

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RKL Chris in Oakland 1988

In the 80's I was going to some shows with a small hand held recorder. I think some of the shows I recall taping were Absolution, and Swiz in Albany ny on a trip home to visit, then there was DRI & Discharge @ the farm when Discharge got booed off the stage and drI threw a garbage can at them. Another would be this RKL set from the farm. The band was introducing some new songs for their new LP "rock n roll nightmare", but played the 7", the keep laughing LP, and more.
Its just so hard to explain to people how amazing a live band the Rich Kids On LSD were in the 1980's. I miss every thing about these fuck ups...They could get as wasted as possible and still play flawlessly.
I was at my moms last weekend and found a bunch of my old tapes, this one was in it. so stoked...I'm still trying to uncover the drI Discharge tape... my buddy Mike J who also does a blog has a copy, I know that. I gave it to him in around 1990.
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