Monday, August 4, 2008

PUTRID MASS stripped by flesh demo (1992)

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1.Lacerating necropsy
3.burrowing thru
4.horribly disfigured
5.little remains

I was pretty into the death metal, and black metal scenes in the early 90's. Was buying everything, and going to see great shows in the NY area. I think the over production of the stuff is what got me to move on and forget about the scene. Everything started sounding completely dogmatic.
Putrid Mass were from the mid west(some place in Michigan I believe). I got turned onto them by the vocalist of my grind band at the time (Monster X). John our singer was into some pretty cool shit, and would tape trade metal/noise demos from all over the world. I ended up with this one.
I think the shitty raw production is what attracts me to this still to this day. It's not about digital sounds and triggers... just straight up gore core. We actually used to jokingly call them Putrid mess, because of the rawness. Black metal fiends will dig this for sure...
To my knowledge the band only diid one other demo, with no proper releases... a true underground band for sure.


  1. Wow!I thought I could stand anythng,but this is too putrid for me this time!

  2. Great blog my Friend.Any chance you can grab that MACE "Process of Elimination" LP next time you go home.My vinyl is thrashed and there's a couple tunes I'm wanting to hear again after 20+ years....Bueno, A&H

  3. I'm in AWE! Highway Chile

    This whole blog kills, getting some of these old albums makes me very happy. It's terrible they are so hard to come by. I appreciate your efforts. Thank You so much

  4. I just downloaded this and the RKL live set was in the same file... you might wanna fix that .Putrid Mass brings back memories, I used to own this demo, I too must have cleaned out and got rid of it.

  5. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin actually.

  6. hey man i thought i would check out that putrd mass tape and too my surprise at the end of the tape there is a full set of RKL playin live like 30 minutes worth,,whats up with that!!its cool thoughj,,,lol

  7. They were my room mates. They were from Milwaukee and the practice room was in our attic and it was also used by local bands Sickness and Phantasm.

  8. Link doesn't work :'(