Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BATTLEAXE burn this town LP (1983)

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1.Ready To Deliver
2.Her Mama Told Her
3.Burn This Town
4.Dirty Rocker
6.Runnin' Outta Time
9.Thor Thunder angel
10.Hands Off

This one ain't for the punks...Some truly amazing New wave of heavy metal from New castle England. The band started out as Warrior and in around in 1981 changed their name to Battleaxe and released a 7" that was also called "burn this town". That is a really tough and expensive single to obtain. What first attracted me to this melodic, yet heavy record was the amazing cover art. The band was embarrassed about it, but somehow let it still come out. Made me buy it... I love the cheese, so bad its really good.
I think if you dig the likes of Holocaust, and maybe early Manowar or Anthrax(fistful era)you'll be blown away by this obscure gem. The production is great, and as I stated earlier, the music is catchy in that Holocaust metal way. Nothing spectacular happening with the vocals, they do what they need to do. Not many high pitched girl screaming here.
I recall hearing this one at my guitar teacher Henry Macfarren's house. He played guitar in a metal band called China White. I was in love with the song "her mama told her", so it was a song I attempted to twang along with for a few months. Skipping school, and trying to figure out bad metal riffs, that was my life. To this day, the song still brings a tear to my eye. Also hooked on the last song, "hands off". Total Tygers Of Pan Tang meets Nugent man.. Fuck yeah.


  1. Fuckin' the cover art.

  2. Another great album. My favourite track is probably Thor,Thunder Angel.
    Thank you very much for all the great music.

  3. Do you have demos of China White? I guess it's the band that released the "Death from above/Heavy Metal thunder" 7" which I love...

  4. some real boss nwobhm man. This one really sticks out, especially running out of time and battleaxe. Thanks for putting this tight shit up!

  5. What a forgotten classic. 'RTeady to Delivery'
    was the pick hit as heard on the Heavy Metal Battle comp along with Raven, Venom and Mercyful Fate

    I love this blog!!

  6. Awesome blog here. One of the best on the net.

    Howzabout Raven's 'Crash Bang Wallop'. Anyone have that digitized?

  7. Early raven is the shit. I'll up an early neat single by them soon.

  8. Hi you megga mad Battleaxe dudes Dave King here from Battleaxe Im so moved you guys have not looked at the Burn this town cover Number one as did the critics here in the UK mannnn i wish you were around to review the album when it first appeared in the early 80s We would not be so hung up about it,,, but if you would like to hear how the cover ended up like that you can visit our web site you can hear us and down load some of us for free if you let us know who you are,, and we are still going mannn fu,,ing gerry attric lovers of metal mannn check out utube chopper attack ehhh come on mannnn Ch daveking Battleaxe

  9. The DL is incomplete. Only getting tracks 1-6.

  10. man, the first guy i meet who knows and loves battle axe....was my fav metal band back then, i alos love their second one, power from the universe....cheers man, good taste...dirk

  11. mna, you are the first person i dig up that likes and knows battle fav. band back then...also love their second one "power from the universe"...cheers, pimp daddy dirk

  12. awesome album i have this and power from the universe on vinyl i have a massive collection of metal lps from the 80s