Monday, November 30, 2009

ZOUO the final agony 7" (1984)

1.No Power
2.Bloody Master
3.Sons of Satan
4.Making Love with Devil

I wish I had the original of this one, but nope... I'm stuck with this 1990's bootleg instead. The original cover art is completely different from this generic looking ep. The original has the look of pure evil. I'm sure this has been posted on other Japanese worship blogs before, but this one needs the attention of my metal friends who read, and download songs from this blog.
My friend Simon Dysgusher/Ugly Pop Records was the dude to really bring this band to my attention.
As I recall, Simon would make these awesome compilation cassettes for his friends, that were just chock filled with great hard to find Japanese hardcore classics. When He first made me a tape that compiled the bands only record, I was sorta in aw because the band had such a evil,grubby, noisy metal sound to them, and Simon was known for hating most things metal('cept Slayer).
My buddy Jim MacNaughton and I must have blasted these recordings a billion times while driving around the north east to random punk gigs.
This is an essential recording, and just goes on to prove how fucked up the Japanese really are.
The ep is the bands only release, besides a compilation that also came out of Japan.
I'm pretty sure metal heads who have never heard these short lived heroes, will absolutely go bonkers for this one.


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Sunday, November 29, 2009

TYS0ND0G- beware of the dog LP(1984)

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1.hammerhead soldiers
4.the inquistior
5.dead meat
6.painted horses
7.voice from the grave of the butcher the end

Man what a cool looking album cover this is, and I'm sure its partially the reason I initially bought the LP. If you've never heard Tysondog, well then your in for a real treat here. This is a seriously awesome, obscure metal LP that is melodic, yet really heavy and has some fast rippers on it. Its almost a speed metal record, but falls more into the new wave of british heavy metal sound. If you dig Manowar, the first Anthrax, or the likes of Armored Saint, etc. you'll love this one.
I recall buying this when it came out(or soon after), but also being sorta disappointed as there was so much new & different that was starting to happen at the time. Remember, The speed/thrash thing was just starting to take off, so this one was sorta wimpy for me at the time. It took me a few years before I rediscovered it and realized how awesome this New Castle nwobhm band was. The singer really could sing, and the songs were written with real hooks that keep me humming to the tunes, and looking forward to the next song. The band supposedly named themselves after one of the band members pet dogs. One of the songs on this appeared on the bands first ep... "dead meat" is such an awesome metal song.... its a real classic. I love the version on both records. Enjoy...
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

DISCLAIM-fuck money 7" (1989)

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2.dirty army
3.fighting man
4.dear my women
5.fuck money
6.tom and jerry a game
8.combat spirits

I'm pretty sure I got my copy of this Japanese hardcore slab from Pushead. This was back When he was actively doing his label, and had contacted Devoid Of Faith to do a record. We'd spend time on the phone talking about records and hardcore. He was surprised that I didn't have this one, and said he had numerous copies.
I'd randomly get packages from the dude with cool records, posters, stickers, etc. It was always a great surprise. My buddy Jim who was the singer bassist of DOF, got a DOF/pushead sweater with the DOF pushead art from the guy. This thing was Limited to only 4 made. So amazing...
This is a solid release that came out on Temple Of Love(Fear Of God, Hellbastard, etc). The label was an innovator, and for me right up there with the likes of Slap A Ham, and Off The Disk for putting out extreme, underground hardcore. Enjoy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The BANG GANG-she ran...but we ran faster 7" (1983)

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2.stupid people
3.4x the fun
4.Charlie lives in our hearts

These guys were a obscure hardcore punk band from San Antonio Texas. I first heard them in the late 80's on the compilation LP "cottage cheese from the lips of death". From what I know they only appeared on that comp, and this 7" ep. I think people from outside the area were pretty offended by the bands record cover, record title, and song titles/lyrics. From what I've heard people from the area, and people that knew them knew that this record was a total joke, and they were just trying to have fun(yeah I know, at womens expense), and trying to offend people. It's no wonder people could give two shits about this record... their loss, because this record is a heafty punk rock ripper.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

V/A HEAVY METAL HEROES compilation LP (1980)

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1.TWISTED ACE-I won't surrender
2.GRIM REAPER-the reaper
4.SOLDIER-storm of steel
5.BITCHES SIN-strangers on the shore
6.METAL MIRROR-hardlife
7.the HANDSOME BEASTS-local heroes
8.BUFFALO-cold as night
9.EXPOZER-rock Japan
10.SPLIT BEAVER-runnin' wild
11.DRAGSTER-do it

I haven't updated the site in a while, because I've had some family shit that recently turned out tragically, and has just sort of made everything in my life that much harder to deal with.
This compilation LP is a very hard to find classic for sure. It was released on Heavy Metal Records(the Handsome Beasts, Witchfinder General, etc). Some of the bands went on to release ep's, LPs and so on... others just disappeared off into obscurity. This is a serious New Wave Of British Heavy Metal necessity, that has had me playing air guitar, and drums to it for years now. I've been blasting it in my man cave a lot recently. Great shit! The cover art is ridiculously amazing, and makes the record even that much better. My favorite tunes are by Metal Mirror, and Buffalo. The Metal Mirror song sounds so much like Motorhead, while the Split Beaver tune sounds a lot like a old AC/DC song. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.
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