Friday, March 20, 2015

VerbalAssault-Trial LP (1987)

V.A. have a deep Albany NY connection, as they played to us like what seemed like monthly back in the day.  The back cover photo of this album is taken at an old Albany club called 288 Lark Street.  The band started off as a pretty basic sounding straight edge band, but then by this release completely reinvented its sound doing a 180.  When this came out, I'd never heard anything that sounded so produced and well played technical hardcore.  Listening to this makes me wish I still had my Verbal Assault long sleeve.

The last time I saw these guys was in Albany with No Outlet, Go, SFA, and Born Against.  The band showed up a day early and my friend Damon Douglas let them stay at his parents house in the suburbs in upstate NY.  The band decided they wanted to practice because they had written new material to record for an upcoming 12" called "On".  They ended up setting up their gear and playing to about five of us in Damon's basement while his parents patiently did what ever it is parents did back then.  This is a really fond memory.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Want List

Some records I still need.  Will trade or pay money.

Identity Crysis-tied to the tracks 7"
Phantom Lord- evil never sleeps Lp
Phantom Lord-s/t Lp
Scared Straight- you drink, you drive, you die Lp
Subculture- I heard a scream Lp
Exorcist-nightmare theatre Lp
Dream Death-Journey into mystery Lp
Stone Henge-cats eyez 7"

Griffin- flight of the griffin Lp
Griffin- protectors of the lair
Schizo- thrash the unreasonable tape
Slam- ingens Slav Lp
M 16- locked and loaded Lp
YĆ²uth Youth Youth - repackaged Lp
Iron Rainbow- metal man 7"
Witch Cross 7"
Satanic Rites Live to ride 7"