Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Want List

Some records I still need.  Will trade or pay money.

Identity Crysis-tied to the tracks 7"
Phantom Lord- evil never sleeps Lp
Phantom Lord-s/t Lp
Scared Straight- you drink, you drive, you die Lp
Subculture- I heard a scream Lp
Exorcist-nightmare theatre Lp
Dream Death-Journey into mystery Lp
Stone Henge-cats eyez 7"

Griffin- flight of the griffin Lp
Griffin- protectors of the lair
Schizo- thrash the unreasonable tape
Slam- ingens Slav Lp
M 16- locked and loaded Lp
Yòuth Youth Youth - repackaged Lp
Iron Rainbow- metal man 7"
Witch Cross 7"
Satanic Rites Live to ride 7"


  1. i have the dream death album on tape, baught it for a buck. amazing album, don't have the lp though or i'd so give it to you

  2. i may have a double of the Hobbs Lp. Gimmee a few days and i'll let u know. Didnt u post the Exorcist and Phantom Lord lps on here in the past??

  3. nate how can i get in touch with u directly?? I got a n extra Hobbs LP with your name on it (Nate Hobbs Angel Of Death??)

    1. That would be delicious. You can email me at

  4. That would be delicious. You can email me at

  5. Almost forgot to come back and check for a reply!! Got it, and i'll hit u up today or tomorrow..