Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KIDS FOR CASH-demo tape(1985)

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3.social alcoholic
5.don't have to fight to be a man
6.stepping stone
7.I can

I haven't posted in months. I've been busy working, and trying to enjoying the summer, my marriage, record collecting and volunteering at a no kill Animal shelter here in NJ.
Some of you may recall that I posted the Kids For Cash 7" some years ago on here.
I got this one from the guitarist of Kids For Cash years ago who found the tape in a box in his basement. Sohrab now lives in Brooklyn NY. When I first heard the demo I told him that it totally reminded me of 7 Seconds. His response was that he recalled the band trying to find a Nexus between the first Scream LP and 7 Seconds the Crew. I think that When you listen to this it totally makes sense. What also comes to mind is an old Albany NY band called Glee Club who early on had a very similar sound. Enjoy this one, It makes me feel elderly.