Sunday, November 2, 2008

RAPED TEENAGERS kalaspuffar LP(1987)

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1.Kalas Puffar
5.Barbapappa & Ankan Kalle
6.Moder Jord
10.Have A Coke And A Smile
12.Bad Bones
13.Fred Och Frihet
14.Vår Dagliga Dos
15.Mor & Far
16.The Crippled Brain

These dudes were from Sweden, and played some fast assed thrash that was quirky and weird. Lots of strange circus sounding jazz parts that most hardcore bands wouldn't have the balls to try, because it wasn't the "norm" within the mostly dogmatic thrash scene. All I can compare the bands weird parts to would be the likes of early Victims Family, Rhythm Pigs, and Die Kreuzen. Some of the reg thrash parts remind me of A.O.D. Its incredible to me even 20 years later that these guys had the ability to play this fast, so tight, and so oddly. Totally different then all the dis stuff from Sweden that everyone has been gushing about for years.
I was turned onto these guys by my older Albany Pal Roger Vandusen. He later sang in a band that I played in. The dude was into lots of German, Swedish, and Finnish stuff. He played me the RTs first release from 1985, and I was automatically searching for the bands other releases. Roger had a humongous European record collection, that most of us were in aw of in the 80's. He became pretty disgusted by punk and hardcore by 1992, and smartly dropped out. I ended up with all his Raped Teenagers stuff. Rog turned me on to so much good stuff. I left off song one, the instrumental, as I had a problem with the transfer. Enjoy.


  1. So great!! You can find the 7" on my blog. Just in case you didn't know: Peter from played drums in RT.

  2. Ever hear of the Vopos? Some great finnish (Or swedish) punk. These guys sound really good.

  3. Erich...actually I had no idea that dude played drums in the Teenagers. That's rad. I always wonder what band members are up to years later... He really works his ass off on his site.

    Mike... yeah man, I'm familiar. Check out the dream police upload I just put up. Danish punk


  4. In blogging, he's just as fast and tight as in playing drums :-)

  5. I never liked this 12". Was really disappointed with it. The songs are great but the instrumentation is too sloppy from my side. If you're going to play this kind of HC you need to be tight and I wasn't on this recording. We have all those songs recorded on 4 channels etc. that sounds awesome. Raw and tight. The way we wanted it I think.

    What I still like about it is that we at least tried to do something else then the rest of the swedish HC scene. There weren't many around in Sweden that liked us in those days. I loathed and still do the whole generic and dumb dis scene back then. It was a carbon copy of everything you've already heard.

    I know we'll never see lot's of kids with Raped T. t-shirts as you do now when it comes to bands like Disarm and Mob 47. And I think that is a sign of quality ha ha.

  6. That's not true Peter! For I once saw this long haired hippie-looking dude with a Raped Teenagers t-shirt at some Swedish festival (ok, it was around 1992) and I tried to buy it off him but he would not even talk to me.

    Raped Teenagers = supergood.

    Also see Krunch for more "gonzoid Swedish HC".

  7. Peter, thanks for commenting on the blog. I can totally relate to being critical on a record you played on, especially when you know from other recordings you did that you could do things better. sort of frustrating.

    Coming from the metal scene, the cover art had me falling in love with the record from the moment I saw it. Looked so creepy and weird. As for the music, as a crummy musician, I'd say you guys were fucking A tight on this record. When I first heard it it blew me away. I'd love to hear the demo versions. What were you guys being influenced by at that time?


  8. I know Tony is a big fan and I´m forever grateful for his support :). I think you posted the Kalas Puffar 12" too right Tony?

    As for the sleeve. Well we didn´t have any say in that and I thought and still think it´s ridiculous. I think we would´ve done a silly cartoon of some sort that suited us better but... Well it´s the way it is :).

    We had a wide taste. Of course USHC like AOF, Rhythm Pigs(for me), FU´s, Jerrys Kids etc meant a lot. But growing up with 70s punk meant we listened to a lot of that stuff too: 999, Vibrators, Clash, Buzzcocks etc etc. And like in 1983/84 we discovered old bands like Rush, Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant. But most important for the weirdness was a Belgian band named Univers Zero. Totally mind blowing stuff. The guy who had the studio where we recorded Kalas Puffar was into this whole Henry Cow, Univers Zero kind of stuff too. He was blown away by us:"Amazing you sound like a punked up Captain Beefheart." ha ha. We used him live to play violin and some organ. You can imagine the look of the punx faces when we opened up for MDC in 1987 and this bald, ultra thin hippy comes up with a violin to play with us.

    Packe(guitar/vocals) and I got so into Univers Zero that we started a 2 man strong instrumental band doing 7-8 minute long songs. This was in 1987 I think. One of the tracks we record can be heard on the last RT LP: Klok.

  9. I'll check out the Univers Zero shit Peter. Sounds interesting. If it influenced you guys, it must be killer stuff.
    Thanks for all the info, and back ground.

  10. Peter, you are crazy! I love the shit out of ALL R.T. stuff. You were in a legendary band for sure. Must have been very weird getting letters to Raped Teenagers, no?
    great to see you chiming in.


    thank you for the post nate. I haven't heard this record in about twenty years!

  11. First track is missed in this rip.

  12. No shit...If you bothered to read the text/info, you would realize that there is a reason for that!

  13. hey if anyone needs track 1 i got it along with several other R.T. releases, my aim screen name is satanarchy1984

  14. holy shit. raped teenagers. i thought this band was made up because years ago i'd seen the name somewhere online and have been searching since then. sounds cool! all these years...

  15. Way ahead of their time! I still own this gem!