Wednesday, December 10, 2008

RF7 submit to them freely 7" (1983)

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1.submit to them freely
2.fortunate son
3.not now generation

RF7 were a L.A. band fronted/started by childhood tv star Felix Alanis. The band didn't really sound like many of their other LA punk brothers. They had a more rockin oi skinhead sound. The band started their own record label(smoke seven), and put out most of their own releases, and many off their friends (redd kross, circle one, etc). I only own this and the bands first 12". They do an amazing cover of CCR's fortunate son on this ep.
I was turned onto these guys by Bones one of the S.F. skins in around 1985-86. I moved into the house many of these skins were living in on 603 Fell street. The place was a fort like barracks with bunks, and a huge projected screen tv. They were moving out as I was moving in, and our time overlapped by a week or two. Dudes were in a punk oi band called the Noise Boyz who I saw once. They were influenced by the likes of AC/DC, RF7, and Blitz. All they did was drink bad beer, fight, and listen to lots of AC/DC. When these skinheads out they left some records.. I was a lucky man.


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