Saturday, December 13, 2008

CIRITH UNGOL one foot in hell LP (1986)

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1.blood and iron
2.chaos descends
3.the fire
5.100 mph
6.war eternal
7.doomed planet foot in hell

Cirith Ungol are the ultimate cult metal band, and I feel sorry for anyone that has never heard them. I've uploaded "king of the dead" a year ago so check the search section to find it on here. There really isn't another metal band I dig as much as C.U. besides perhaps the obvious Maiden, or Slayer. That's why I was recently so bummed on loosing 2 of their LPs in a drunken mistake that left the first two records warped. I'm still missing perhaps my favorite LP by them "king of the dead", though I was able to score and replace a copy of "frost". So come on you fuckers... help a metal brother out. hit me in the comments for my address, and send me a copy of "king of the dead".
These guys supposedly formed in 1972, and later recorded a demo in 1979(which I can put on here if people want to hear it). I've only ever seen live footage from one of their shows, and its from pretty far away, and left me just wanting to see more. Tim Baker the vocalist was brought out by stage hands in a coffin, simply amazing when he appears from it and starts screaming. There is such an air of mystery to these dudes, as they rarely did interviews.
These guys really didn't sound like anyone else, and made teenage kids like me realize anyone could sing in a metal band. I read someplace that they were trying to have the same effect that one would feel from that first bong hit. The artwork was always superb on all their records.
This is the bands third LP, and is straight up awesome. Total ripping Doom metal that is a bit more straight forward then either of their previous releases, but equally as great. The guitars no longer have that 60's sorta sound they they were fucking with earlier.
In high school I could barely find anyone else that found this stuff as awesome as I did. Maybe my Latham pals Dave Stevenson, and Pat J. Totally reminds me of hanging out in the smoking area we had on school grounds, pretending to smoke cigs while in reality getting baked for my next class. I wore a denim Jacket with the words "Riot" painted on the back, and it included patches by the likes of Cirith Ungol, Celtic Frost, Saxon, Slayer, Metallica, etc. This upload is missing the last track.
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Doomed planet
Trapped on a dying world a world to late to save
Mankind is on the move and he's marching to his grave
False prophets filled with greed leaders who rule by fear
By their lies they are betrayed and their message crystal clear

We're living on a doomed planet a planet to late to save
We're living on a doomed planet mankind's marching to his grave

Dark clouds foul the sky as the end is well at hand
The acid rain will fall sweeping death across the land
The poison rivers flow to a helpless dying sea
Of the wicked race of man this world will soon be free

Trapped on a dying world, a world of hate and pain
The judgement has arrived and the verdict is insane
The masses cringe in fear for their sentence has arrived
May the punishment be slow and the guilty flayed alive


  1. Out of all the records these guys put out, I thought this one was my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, CU was fuckin awesome, but this one rubbed me the wrong way. Great post thought, didn't know much about them

  2. Mike your crazy bro... have you heard "paradise lost"? That album is def the bands weakest.

    1.king of the dead
    2. is a tie for me between this one, and frost

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  4. I have all their albums and you know what man, I think that Paradise Lost tops One foot in hell. I've listened to all of their records a good amount of times and I think Paradise takes the cake because it was simply more metal than One foot in hell. All the songs on Paradise seemed kinda punk influenced to me. Join the legion, heaven help us, and before the lash totally makes me think if impending doom and destruction.These songs are metal as fuck. If it were up to me it would go like this: 1 - King of the dead 2 - Frost 3 - Paradise lost then one foot in hell.

  5. paradise lost is terrible. it sounds like a different band, and as it might sound metal, it sounds like lame metal. it is the bands only record that I refuse to listen to. common sense tells most people that a metal record from 1986 must top a follow up reunion LP from 1992.

  6. It was a different fucking band! Gone are Flint and Foogle(the main song writers), replaced by two L.A. Scabs who wrote half of the songs on "paradise lost", making most of it sound like a bad L.A. metal record. How bad is the cover they do of "fire"? Bakers vocals seem to not be pushing very hard on this record, and it comes across on the recording.
    I've read that the remaining members had nothing to do with the production, because it was taken over by the label.

    i rate the records this way
    king of the dead
    one foot
    (I would not even count paradise lost)

    thanks for this upload.
    Daryl XCAX

  7. I'm gonna have to find my CU records and give them another looksee. From what I remember, I wasn't too thrilled with either paradise or one foot in hell. I was so obsessed with the way King of the dead sound that I thought that everything after just couldnt compare

  8. ah thank you so much for posting this! its a shame you couldn't get the last track to work since its the title track, thanx again for the great musick

  9. had nothing to do with "not being able to get it to work". Enjoy, and buy the music if really need it that bad.

  10. an ad in circus or sommat like that is what convinced me to run out and buy the cassette. holy cripes it blew me away—especially the vox. they were so different from the polished stuff i was used to hearing.

    this album totally turned me onto the doomier stuff.

    love it. and am constantly amazed at how everyone knows who these guys are and yet they aren't "known". underground rocks.

  11. yeah, this shit is so heavy, and the vocals make it so much different that all the other crappy metal coming out back then. Thanks for sharing. Makes me think about my youth.

  12. I like this one, but I think that King of the dead is my favorite.

  13. I can't decide if I prefer Cirith Ungol over Trouble or not. Both are amazing Doom bands. King of the dead is equally as sick as the skull..

    Thanks for upping this stuff, and doing this rad blog. I check it daily. Keep the goods coming.


  14. I definitely would take Cirith Ungol over trouble... With Cirith it's the total package. The music, the weird vox, The cover art, and the mystique behind the band.
    I must admit Though that I listened to both those LPs equally when I was growing up.


  15. Cirith Ungol was a real mystery to me, I was always attracted to their great artwork but the first time I have listened to them I was still in my hard, fast & loud phase and skipped it. Today I totally fall in love with their psychelic vibe, these possessed vocals and the great atmosphere. I'm not quite sure if I prefere this or the King of The Dead, here the production is more metal but King of the Dead is more weird inb a good way.
    -Walking Thunder

  16. when I have listened for the first time, at moments takes an infarct to me! too much epic! too much good!!!
    i have all your discography (4 album) in original cd.
    to me it's all beautiful albums!
    ciao e buon natale!

  17. gentlemen...gentlemen,let's not quibble over personal preferences.all cirith ungol is better than no cirith ungol at the '79 demo,bro.need to hear it.up the hammers!

  18. I put the demo up on this message board I post on not long ago. Its a sendspace upload so it won't stay up long. grab it now while Its still up, because I won't be upping it again.

    Cirith Ungol 1979 demo-

  19. My fav album is King of the Dead.Very underrated band.Too bad Tim Baker doesnt want to make a reunion..
    Bow down and kneel to the Master of the pit!!

  20. The guy who did the cover art, Michael Whelan, is one of the best fantasy artists of the 70's. A little nerd research reveals that most of the Ungol cover art comes from Whelan's paintings for the Elric saga by Michael Moorcock, which of course, totally rules.

  21. Yeah, dude ruled... he did illustrations for Stephen King and Isaac Asimov, and the likes Of Sepultura as well. Didn't he also do the cover art for Meatloafs bat out of hell?


  22. Cirith was the shit dude. Brings back many memories of my youth, especially hanging out with my brother (ז״ל) rocking “Frost and Fire”. I can't believe I was only 11...

    In Santa Barbara and Goleta during the early 80s it was hard to find anyone who did not dig Cirith. They were practically considered a local band because Ventura is so close to S.B.

    I really enjoyed the first two albums but sort of lost interest after that as I had started listening to Nardcore/local punk stuff like Stalag 13, RKL and Agression.

  23. Nice stuff. i had only heard frost and fire before. thanks!

  24. I heard Kings Of The Dead LP in 84 as first from Cirith Ungol and it’s cast in my mind (positively). So I bought it re-issued on CD in 99, ’cos that’s a must-have album. Later I heard Frost And Fire and I can say it’s a little bit better for me. Maybe thanks to older sound, sure thanks Baker’s varied voice. I got it on LP now. Both of these records I like! One Foot In Hell I never heard, so I put it right. But I’m affraid it can’t be better than its two predecessors... Bie Dye

  25. By mentioning Cirith Ungol you got to do exactly the same thing as skeletons do

  26. you all rock!! Tim Baker