Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am a collector, and there are Some records I still need on vinyl... if anyone out there wants to donate them to me for this site, that would be awesome. If not I would pay for them as well. Help a metal brother out!

Evil- evil's message 12"
Hellwitch-syzygial miscreancy LP
Iron Rainbow 7"(Long Island)
Cirith Ungol live 7"
DRI-22 song 7"
StoneHenge-catz eyes 7"(1985 Colonie NY)
any Riot 7"s
Tank- echoes Of A Distant Battle 7"
Jaquar-backstreet woman 7"
Legend-death in the nursery LP
Crucifixtion-green eyes 12"
Oz-fire in the brain LP


  1. Hellwitch - Syzygial Miscreancy LP

  2. I have the jaguar 7", also their axe crazy 7"....dont have the tank on your list but i have their turn your hear around 7"...

  3. I haven't forgotten about you bro... Cirith LPs in the mail soon!

  4. This blog rules.

    Thanks for doing it.

    Mark from Talking Metal

  5. I don't wanna get your hopes up too high yet, but I feel like i MIGHT have an extra copy of the Hellwitch Lp back home at my Grandmothers house. not sure when i'll be back out that way, but if I do have an extra I certainly wouldn't care to "donate" it to ya. Might be a "cut-out" slleeve though. hope thats not a problem - sure is a purty album cover.

    I'll let u know if i find out that i got one fo ya mang.

  6. Evil...
    There goes, my friend!

    I'm from Brazil!
    Small world!!! do you think too?

    Heavy Metal is Universal!!!

  7. Sorry!

    Mediafire link

  8. thanks...I already have that. I need the vinyl. The actual piece of plastic to hold in my hands and put on my turntable.

  9. I wish I still had my old vinyl, I'd send it to you in a red hot minute. Your blog is addicting, and keeps me out of trouble. thank you so much.


  10. i have Cirith Ungol- king of the dead LP

    but i'm not just giving it away.
    i'm also a collector so i'm lookin for Massacara Final Holocaust Album(Disc) not LP i already have it.
    well let me know if u have it or find it elsewhere.mail me @

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  12. Hey nate you can find that cirith ungol lp here, good luck!

  13. Happy new year! Cheers to a kickass guy with a kickass collection

  14. Death In The Nursery is by far one of the greatest pieces of metal to come out of the NWOBHM movement. So fiercely original, and welcome to the ears, and warm, and memorable. I've found myself getting outbid at $60 on eBay auctions of it, someday when I have the extra cash it'll be the only record (besides maybe Heresy's 'Never Healed' flexi) that I'll ever feel right dropping mad cash on.

    Hellwitch's "Syzygial Miscreancy" has also been a hard find. Good luck on that one man!

  15. I got Stonehenge - Catz Eyes Single for you mate. Download it from my blog:

  16. thanks... I have it on mp3's... I need the actual 7".

  17. I'll see..

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  19. There is a Brazillian pressing of Hellwitch - syzygial miscreancy don't know if it's from Woodsotck Rec., but not too dificult to find..maybe, i could help you ;)