Sunday, January 20, 2008

AGRESSION-don't be mistaken LP (1983)

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2.brain bondage
3.non person
4.body count machine mercy
7.don't be mistaken
8.intense energy
10.locals only
12.secret sex
13.stop the clock killer

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Agression were a Southern California Skate/surf punk party band from the early 80's (one of the og Nardcore bands dude). When I think of them I'd usually thought of Mystic records, or Doug Moody. This version of the LP came out on BYO, and featured 14 catchy punk anthems. The back cover reads like a punk historical guide for the time, as the front cover was done by Glen Friedman, the drawings and art were done by Jaime Hernandez(love and rockets comics). The singer Mark Hickey, and guitarist Henry Knowles died in recent years (2000 & 2002).
I was lucky to have seen these guys a couple times with my buddy Zoran in the mid 80's in S.F. (once at the farm). I recall them throwing the live LP out to the audience at one of the shows, almost started a riot.
Enjoy this, I ripped it straight from the wax today, sorry for the snaps and pops.


  1. Great post by a great band. When I was still in SoCal I had the pleasure of hanging out with Big Bob (the bass player) on several occasions. The two remaining members have done a bunch of gigs up in the bay not too long ago. Thanx again for the post.

  2. Big Bob rules! have you heard the Live at cbgbs record? that one is great as well. I love the punk records on here, thanks for this. I'm Not a big metal head, but I can dig what you are doing.

    Spike from San Diego

  3. I like your writings about posted records, keep up the good work and metaldiypunkcore cheers from croatia!!!
    why dont put sokme UK music here...80s and Uk together...ummmmm..:).

  4. Again another great upload.

  5. fucking great shit man! I haven't heard this album in decades. thank you for making my day. I love your punk uploads. more California demo stuff please??!!
    Ted hyde

  6. downloaded this! thanks for the upload! keeping me to consider doing a blog of some of my stuff eventually

  7. This albums a keeper for sure, but wat about the best of on mystic sessions, or the original album. Henry Knowles was one of the nicest guys when i used to go see them. On one particular night (my birthday) He asked the crowd for somethin to smoke, i threw up a cheech and chonger sized j. He snatched it up and asked if id smoke it with him...later that evening he gave me a OLD flyer from 83' w/ HATED, JFA, and others. Rg

  8. thanks for this.
    "cat killer" is the best!
    keep it up!

  9. This is great stuff. Thanks for the post.

  10. Notorious P.A.T.April 9, 2010 at 8:29 AM

    Dude, this is AWESOME!! I having been looking for years and years for this album on the internet. I LOVED Agression back in the day and I listened to this album all the time. But all I had was a cassette that my friend recorded from his vinyl, and the cassette eventually got lost over the years. I downloaded the zip file with no problem, and now I can once again enjoy this incredible album. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  11. You are a legend. Thank you, this has made a very bad day into a very good one.

  12. This band is perfect,this music disturb my senses a lot, but that's perfect because I like to feel aggressive specially when I'm with my girlfriend she loves that condition.m10m

  13. Dide you ask Agreswsion if you could post their album for people to steal? Not cool.