Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NO FRAUD demo tape(1985)

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04.killing time
08.another part in the machinery
09.fuck your shit
10.punks vs fags
11.identity crisis
14.venice hillbillies social cliques

This is a perfect demo tape. Seriously, not a clunker on it. I've been tripping on this one for many years, and It's just shocking to me that this demo is just a demo, and that it never became a full length LP. This stuff blows away 50% of the punk that was coming out in 1985, and 90% of what is coming out today. This tape is just chuck full of Eighteen generic hits. Perfect thrash played by these Florida punks. The songs are frantically played, but filled with hooks galore that just make you hum along like you've heard these rippers before(you have, its generic in that good way). I uploaded the bands 7" quite a while ago on here, and have been blasting both that and this demo a lot lately. The rip I did is missing the last three tracks.
I was lucky enough to acquire this tape from my good 'ol buddy Jim MacNaughton many moons ago. I think Jim got the tape when his old band Affirmative Action toured the U.S. and played with No Fraud in Florida? Whatever the case, its been a while since I've seen this dude, so thanks Jim, I'll see you at Devon's wedding bro.


  1. thanks. this one was on another blog, but got deleted or something.

  2. demo has 18 songs usually, see also insert...

  3. duh... that's stated in the text. thanks for the comment though.

    "This tape is just chuck full of Eighteen generic hits."


  4. By far No Fraud's best moment. Their next effort, the "The EP" 7" is also very good. Then after that, it was pretty hit or miss. The lone No Fraud LP, "Hard To The Core" is only about 20 percent hard and 80 percent mush. For some reason, No Fraud gave a lot of their best songs to compilations. So if you see a NF song on a comp, it is probably a ripper. The band did a CD of most of their early material, including this demo. I am pretty sure you can still get it. They have a My Space page and still play a couple of shows a year.

  5. thank you for this. I wish I had seen this dudes back then.

    I have discovered some great music through your blog.

    many many thanks, dale

  6. Thanks a lot for the post ! :-D

  7. Thanks man. These guys are really good

  8. wow, I'm speechless. This demo is a powerhouse.

  9. Yeah, I've loved this demo from the first time i heard it many moons ago. When other bands were going metal, NF thrashed away like mad. Reminds me a good bit of early Poison Idea in places. I agree, I wish someone would release this on vinyl, connsidering every other demo seems to have been released on vinyl now.

  10. best florida band ever!!!
    SAw them so many times in the 1980's. Always friendly guys who would play your back yard or garage for food and beer

  11. Great tape! This band got a lot of free publicity due to Axel Rose wearing thier t-shirt on the cover of Hit Parader or Creem magazine,Im sure there were lots of posers like me ordering this tape at the time....Mike

  12. best demo ever! MORE DEMO RIPS PLEASE!

  13. Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant. You're single handedly opening my eyes to more bands than I ever thought possible. I'm 31 this '09 and I completely missed all of this great 80's deep-dig punk/metal because I was 7 years old at the time. This website is my favorite thing on earth lately!

  14. These guys are better than Reagan Youth. Sound similar, but No Fraud has written 17 truly catchy songs and Reagan Youth only recorded 2. "Degenerated" and "Reagan Youth". I know, I'm opening myself up to a RY fan shit storm.

  15. I'd say they sounded a lot different then reagan Youth....faster, and much thrashier sounding. More like poor mans Jerry's Kids.

    thanks for the comments.

  16. way stoked to find this! I was looking for it, but couldn't remember the bands name --- but knew I'd remember it when I saw it and lo and behold here it is. thanks.

  17. nater, i've been a fan of this band and demo for years, but have never actually seen it. not exactly dazzling artwork.

  18. ha ha. the cover does leave more to be desired!
    I saw these guys in 1987 at a youth center. Everyone in the crowd was in the pit or stagediving.
    thank you for making me remember that show.

    that BP LP is great.