Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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2.your mistake(NA cover)
3.hand of power
4.chained for life
Spazz side
5.crop circles
6.gas x
7.Jean claude Bland Dan...
8.war in the head
9.elder mutant stomp

I played in Monster X pretty much all the way through the 90's. We started in 1992 after the breakup off a few other crappy local Albany bands. We were best friends....This was one of our our last releases. The record came out on Reservoir Records. I recall Andrew Orlando from Reservoir asking me back in 1997, "if you could do a record with any American hardcore band who would you want it to be?" My response was Man Is The Bastard, Spazz, or Capitalist Casualties. I don't think Andrew could convince MITB to do a split with us, so it was on to Spazz(who were famous for doing a million splits back then). At any rate we were very excited to do a record with these guys(as they were all pretty much friends/heroes to us). Monster X had real issues with recording... and this is the closest I think we ever came to nailing what/and how we wanted to sound. Andrew really was an awesome label head and totally backed what we wanted to do. He really believed in us. If I recall correctly the guy that did the cover art/layout was a member of the 80's German hc band Tu Du Hospital.



  1. i saw you guys in NJ with Human Remains and Hellchild. pretty awesome.

  2. really cool to hear that bout the guy from Tu Do Hospital. Also cool to hear u fellas played with Human Remains. when did u play wit dem cats Nate?? i loved their demos and especially the 7" they put out around '92.

  3. WTF! I've known you and Andrew for what 10/15 years and I've never seen or heard of this. Do you know if he still has any?

  4. Paul~

    I'll see if I can dig one up some place. It sold out pretty fast, but I think he did a lot of them.


  5. Monster X - Attrition 7" was the first record i ever bought, i was 13. Loved the name and saw it on so many fliers so I picked it up. Going to revisit all of this stuff now.

  6. Killer band!! felt in love after first time heard their "Hand of Power"!! amazing song, amazing band, great muzzic!! \m/\m/