Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DARK KNIGHT 12" EP(1984)

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1.the grass is greener
2.cabin fever
3.when all else fails
4.return of the dark knight

I was in 11th grade when this 12" came out. I remember it came out a year or so after the first Queensryche 12". I recall being really stoked that there was yet another band from NY playing the style of metal these guys were doing. Most metal was coming from the other coast(or England). I was one who appreciated bands like Riot, the Rods, Talas, and Anthrax because of their proximity to where I lived. NY state pride... These guys all had made me realize that being in a band and writing your own songs was possible.
This stuff is pretty cool, but is seriously for those that love metal. Its so hard for me to describe this stuff. Sorta under the radar, cheesy power metal? I love this shit... unfortunately this was all the band ever released.



  1. thanks! I never heard this one

  2. thanx! more metal please

  3. damn nate welcome back and what a return. Really dug this record and the monster x. Thanks for the upload man long live metal/punk

  4. Nice........
    This one made me smile. thank you

  5. If you've lived in SF back in the 80's then you must know Anvil Chorus. This is what this band reminds me of (closest I could get). Keep up the posts man - congrats on the little one.