Monday, September 19, 2011

REAL STEEL-s/t 7"(1987)

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1.Viking Queen

I don't know much about these guys, other then they aren't the band with the same name from Clevo., and they sound a lot like earlier Metallica. My friend Paul picked up the 7" for me while he was diggin' for rare punk platters in the wild a while back. No cover art on my copy. "Excalibur" is the winner out of the two songs. Enjoy.


  1. VERY early-metallica-ish.. Not quite the musicians 'tallica was but the singing is real Jamez-ish. I really dig the sound.. The underground 80's metal sound really shows up in it. FUCKIN ROCKS!!

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  3. This is great! Looked them up, saw this outrageous price with cover on ebayücher_Unterhaltung_Music_CDs&hash=item5aea614e73

  4. Real Steel was from Flint. Unlike other metal bands of that era in Flint- Repulsion/Genocide, Pain, Razor's Edge, and Rancid-they didn't play punk gigs.