Thursday, September 8, 2011

OUR GANG-uprising LP

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1.In Anger (Rejected)
2.My Tomorrow
3.Get With It
5.Out Of Hand
6.Something To Say
7.Not Against You
8.Without A Home
9.A Part Of Me
10.A Time To Fight
11.Broken Roads
12.No Motive
13.Penguin Romp
14.Song A
15.Gone Through

I saw Our Gang in around 1989 by accident at the Anthrax in CT.  A bunch of my Albany friends and myself made the 2.5 hour trek out there to see/support our local friends No Outlet who were also on the bill. I recall being blown away by O.G., and until the last few years never realized they were from the NYC borough of Staten Island. Oddly enough Our Gang never released a proper record back in the day. Members went on to play in Citizen's Arrest, Born Against, etc.
A few years ago my friend Charles and I started talking about how much we thought they needed a proper release. Charles knew some of those guys and got in touch, and asked them if they'd do a discography record with us. They were into it, and months later the LP came out on our label Jack Roy Records. Here is a proper rip of a proper record. The LP contains both the 1988 and 89 demo's both recorded at Don Fury's. If you need an actual copy, get at me, I have a few left.

For a sample:


  1. great record, great band! thanks a ton man.

  2. Thanks a lot for an excellent post...!

  3. I hail from this said 'forgotten' borough of Staten Island. Can I grab one of these physical copies?

  4. I have them on ebay. Its $7.99 plus shipping. bid on it I'm sure you'll win.

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    my stuff is listed in the links over to the right. "My Ebay Items"

  7. Just discovered this blog, just wanted to say many thanks. Mainly been checking out the hardcore posts so far (such as this gem), but I hope to have a proper explore in due course. Thanks again.

  8. Thanks for the post. Highly appreciated...

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