Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NO OUTLET-demo tape(1987)

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1.first glance
2.last time
3.just how it goes
4.push back
5.know yourself
7.have a say
8.no outlet

Its been a while, I know. I've been slammed with work and some family stuff(having a baby soon). I'll try to get some stuff up on here this summer for sure.
No Outlet were a Straightedge HC band from the Albany NY area(actually a really nice suburb of Albany called Guilderland). They Played many Local shows. My friends and I once even traveled to the Anthrax in Connecticut to catch them with Our Gang.
What I recall most about them live was the singer Marty pacing back and forth on the stage, always looking pretty intense & excited. Dude was huge, but always was smiling. I think the last show I saw No Outlet play was with Token Entry in 1990(or maybe it was Verbal Assault?), after that they sorta just faded away. No last show or nothing that I recall. The band was supposed to release a 7" on Combined Effort(Life's Blood, Absolution). Dave Stein who ran C.E. was living in Albany, and booking these guys on many local shows back then. Not really sure what happened to the plans of the ep, my guess is that it just didn't happen after Dave moved back to NYC, and members went away to college. The last time I saw vocalist Marty was in 1991 at larkfest wearing a Paula Abdul T shirt.
Its really a shame these guys never released a record. Vinnie over at Blogged and Quartered is talking about cleaning up the demo, adding the two tracks from the Albany HC comp 7", and even throwing in a live set. Vin always does a bang up job, so expect it to sound much better then this rip.

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I took this photo at the Eagles Lodge
in Schenectady NY in either 1989 or 1990




  1. thanks for this!! I like it

  2. Yeah, thanks! Love the old Albany stuff.

  3. Awesome! Well worth the wait!

  4. Glad to see this blog back in action! don't let the baby slow you down!

  5. Great to have you back! Thanks for this one and good luck with "the mission ahead of you". I appreciate it that you're going to post some stuff whenever you can! Take care...

  6. have you seen the movie santa fe trail, its about john brown, not sure how historical it is but its pretty crazy and of course its anti john brown and pro calvary, it has ronald reagan in it.
    and i usually post comment with my blogger id but it wont let me post comments but i can if i do it anonymously

  7. Ray~
    hey buddy! how are you? I havent seen the film, but will look into it. I'll be out west for comic con with Average pretty soon.

  8. thats cool, there was recently a texas comic con here in san antonio,tx, i didn't go, i'm saving my energy and cash for the local anime convention in august.
    ray ss

  9. Good shit welcome back! leap of faith was their best song in my opinion

  10. Wow! This is the first photograph I've seen from those classic Eagles Lodge shows. My high school buddy Chris R. was the point man for Putting these shows together. I'm hoping he's as excited to See this page as I was when I stumbled upon it. Keep up the good work.

  11. Scott I knew Chris. He did put on many of these shows, and loved booking lots of DC bands there. I saw Fugazi, Nation of Ulys., Swiz, Soul Side, etc at the Eagles Lodge. Say hi to him from Nate w