Monday, December 24, 2007

INFEST-slave LP (1988)

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1. Break the Chain
2. Pickled
3. Sick-O
4. Plastic
5. Mindless
6. Which Side?
7. V.Y.O.
8. Where's the Unity
9. Screwed
10. Machismo
11. The Game
12. Sick of Talk
13. Iran Scam
14. Life's Halt
15. Slave
16. Head First
17. Sick and Tired
18. Fetch the Pliers

For those that don't know, Infest are a southern California Legend. They can be credited to almost inventing a genre (powerviolence), and just played the hardest, heaviest, fastest hardcore punk I'd yet to hear. This was in around 1987. A friend of mine from San Ramon California(Kurt Dittmer), had gotten a tape from one of the dudes in Unit Pride, with the Infest demo on it. We went apeshit listening to this thing in his room, in my car, etc. We couldn't believe how aggressive the music was. We had also been sold on it being "straightedge". I don't think the SxE thing holds up... the band members were not all straight. I'd later mailordered the bands records every time they came out. This LP came out on Off The Disk records out of Switzerland. This guy was putting out fast music when it wasn't cool, and when it was still ugly. One of my favorite punk/hardcore records ever.


  1. And this is the rare 2 colored vinyl version from the 2nd press. We only made 100 copies like this and my personal I lost in a bar in Zurich when I was stinking drunk haha.

  2. hey man the sound friggin great - timo

  3. Does the second press have a different border on the cover artwork Erich? I have another pressing with a diff border color around the cover (black wax).
    Your label truly was ahead of its time.

  4. such a solid album, would love to have an actual copy of this

  5. @gloom666:
    Yours is one of the 1st pressing.

  6. how come they don't press this anymore with that cover? ive got a deep six version of this lp and the cover is totally different....this cover rules. one of the best fucking hardcore albums ever!!

  7. Alright? Cheers for the tunes.

  8. damnit never saw this color, only heard about it. now i need this color as well. If only i bought all those copies from erich when i bought his test press years ago.

  9. Thanks for taking my sorry ass to power violence school, good times!

  10. What's up with the song/outro "the meaning of the word hate"? Is that from a movie or something? That shit has perplexed me for decades.

  11. I like the cover pretty much, and the song called Iran Scam, sounds like something i know about. Great work and this is like nothing I have heard before.

  12. for the time this record was out this music is really ahead. I can't believe this full aggression in music was available back in 88, this is something you wold expect in late 90's early 2000's but still it rocks.

  13. Sick record, great blog. Cheers from Central Asia!

  14. This is awesome thanks for posting! super hard to find digitally!!!