Saturday, April 4, 2009

SONS OF SADISM play loud 7" (1985)

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4.syndikat des untergangs future rande des ruins

Anyone who knows me, or has been keeping up with this blog knows how much I loved German hardcore punk and thrash metal back in the day. It was my fetish in the 1980's. This is a second copy(spare of this ep). I first heard it after randomly picking it up used at a record store in the mid west, on a drive I made when I moved from Northern California to NY. I picked up the Hostages Of Ayatollah 7" as well at the store. I was already into my German stuff, so when I saw the address, and date I knew I needed this $2 7". These guys had a impact on how I attacked the bass. I was a guitar player, but played bass in a band called Intent in 1990. I loved the fact that you could actually noodle about, and play melodic type scales in fast riffs. S.O.S. made me realize you could do that in hardcore. This stuff is mainly faster, yet catchy hardcore that is sung in German. These were still the days when the wall existed between East and West Germany, and the cold war was still in its prime. I think this is what made underground music so angry and good in Germany back then. People were frustrated.. Through buying random private press records like this, I made many friends, over seas pen pals that turned me onto weird obscure international stuff. Enjoy.


  1. thanks!!! Another perfect post. I love it.

  2. your posts always bring me back for more Nate. I was never very familiar with the German scene. Seemed cool.

  3. MORE PLEASE!!!!

  4. good blog man, keep thrashing

  5. I write a chinese version to introduce your blog, this is such a amazing blog, killer site!

  6. thank you! I love this ep. Lost it many moons ago. It brought back memories.

  7. yeah, It gets me feeling nostalgic listening to this one.

    Chinese version to introduce my blog? Send a link, I'd like to see that.


    D .H .P . and A .N .A .L. were part of Skatebrigade Marl. The
    punx there were mostly skate-oriented, which
    gives them unity . They had a ramp, and were
    now building a half- pipe in the 80's in German. There was a C60
    cassette of these bands and all four play fast skatecore style.

  9. we've been looking for old german HC online and found this site.
    as former part of this scene (yes we're from marl) it was like coming home.
    Hx and anke
    @ marcelo,
    do we know each other?

  10. thanks so much for posting this! especially because i cannot find my copy and wanted to hear these songs so badly 2day, but argh fuck psychopathen is not on there...