Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WITCHKILLER day of the saxons 12" (1984)

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1.Day Of the Saxons
2.riders of doom
3.cry wolf
4.beg for mercy
5.penance for past sins

Time for some metal my brothers... I've been neglectful of the blog recently due to work related shit, my apologies. The good news is that I've seen a couple of great metal shows last week. I Saw Kreator with Exodus...that was fun, even saw some friends that I haven't seen in eons there. Next up I saw Napalm Death here in NYC with Toxic Holocaust, both bands killed as did Kataklysm.
WitchKiller were a band that a few of us listened to in high school(Pat J, Dave S and Mark S). When I graduated, my friend John H had a killer party that I'll never forget. I brought with me a sheet of dose, and handed it out like candy to my friends. By the end of the night John and I were the only ones left, and were walking the streets of Latham NY carrying an almost kicked keg, drinking straight from the tap. Coming down off of our trip at daybreak I started blasting metal in his basement. It started with Merciful Fate, but this shit freaked out John, and gave him a bad trip. Dude was a Aerosmith Zepplin sorta dude. He really had a freak out that I'm sure makes him cringe anytime he hears Fate. On the other side of the tape I had this Witchkiller 12" recorded. Though the band wasn't as satanic, or harsh sounding as Fate it still had John messed up. We had to move on to watching cartoons. When ever I listen to Merciful Fate or Witchkiller it has me recalling the trip I had on graduation night.
Witchkiller were from Canada, and played a pretty traditional style of heavy metal for the time period. Melodic, mid paced with cool vocals. Fans of Manowar, and Exciter should dig this shit. This is the bands only release that I know of.



  1. I just found this used at a Salvation Army for .99cents. It is a great record.
    I read this blog religiously. thankyou

  2. Haha great story. i listened to a lot of metal tripping back in the day. not really sure why though - most of its not very "trippy" by any means. the Jim Jones And The Kool Ade Kids was a good one to trip to. Now the early Monster Magnet records (i.e. Tab 25, Spine of god, etc.) are where its at!!

  3. I used to trip to mercyful fate as well.
    Great story indeed.

  4. Great story man. I don't really remember goin' bad,but I did end up becoming a big fan of merciful and king diamond. Wow what a trip just thinking back that far!!

  5. Here comes it, Chinese version to introduce your blog, enjoy it(although you may not understand it at all..lol)

  6. one of the most personal and amazing blogs ever.This is a killer record,the song 'Day of the saxons" is a classic

  7. killer record, great story. Your past, sounds amazing.

  8. The s/t track is a Heavy Metal Anthem!

  9. muchas gracias!!!!

  10. It's been cool man, but I've decided to switch over to the Chinese version of the blog. No hard feelings. Later dude.

  11. This EP is fuckin flawless! My Mom gave it to me years ago (she was a metalhead back in the day) and I fell in love with it immediately. I was always bummed this band never did anything else.

  12. What a crazy music, I thought this band played only hard rock music, but they make an incredible fusion with saxons, that-s perfect, I was astonished with this band.m10m