Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MYTHRA- The Death & Destiny EP (1979)

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1. Death And Destiny
2. Killer
3. Overload
4. U.F.O.

To some This is really the holy grail of NWOBHM 7"s. It is definitely one of my favorite metal eps for sure. I only wish the copy I had was the picture sleeve edition. I live in Brooklyn NY now and have given up on ever finding the pic sleeve, because NYC sucks for record stores. Supposedly there were like 15,000 copies of these pressed on the Guardian label(not with the cover of course). Hard to believe that, but the band was pretty popular in the underground pub scene of their hometown in Newcastle(and in the UK in general). The second song "killer" is my favorite off of this slab. You can tell that Holocaust, Maiden, and even Metallica had been influenced by these 16 and 17 year old kids. Many reviews compared them to Judas Priest early on. I don't really see it, I hear more Diamond Head in this stuff. Rumors were that the band lost the master tapes of all their early recordings to a members asshole uncle that recorded them.
I got my copy of this for free at a local Ithaca NY record store that no longer exists. I recall I hit the store one day with some friends at 14 years old after scouring the commons(a Ithaca walkway) for trouble to get into. I remember buying a copy of Judas Priests Rock o rola at the store, and the punk rocker working behind the counter threw a copy of this single in the bag with the Priest LP. I think this was one of the first metal eps I'd gotten, and it sorta put me on the road to collecting Neat Records eps. I think this got more rtation on my turntable then that peticular Priest album that I'd bought. Weeks later I went back to the store to thank the punk for the tunes, and was "shocked" to find out he'd been fired. I never got to thank him, or tell him how rad I thought the ep was.


  1. They were asked to appear on Lars Ulrich Nwobhm LP weren't they? I think they could NOT appear because of the lost masters.

  2. Hey dude...Rad post one of my favorites too I think I have a picture sleeve 7" at a friends house in L.A. still. If your interested hit me up and I'll check into it and get a fair price for you.

  3. Definitely one of my favourite NWOBHM records! I have that one in 3 different versions:

    7" ep on Guardian Rec. (never released with P/S!)
    7" ep on Street Beat with P/S
    12" ep on Street Beat with cover


  4. I have the 12" version.
    Did these guys record other stuff? was it ever released?

  5. Mike
    get at me at
    I need that pict sleeve version, and will pay what you want.
    thanks. Nate

  6. I remember getting this ep from one of my dad's good friends. At the time I thought this stuff was terrible. Now, looking back on it, Mythra is definitely one of my fav. NWOBHM bands. The whole pressing was intense and perfect. I lost the ep way long ago....Thanks for putting this up man, good shit.

  7. I, for one, have never even heard of Mythra. God damn! This is good shit! Thank you so much for posting all this amazing music!

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  9. This EP KILLS! does anyone have their demos from 80 or 81? if you could email em that'd be killer

  10. That is indeed the Holy Grail of Metal, that album is just one of the best ever produced in the birth of NWOBHM, it is outstanding, and my favorite track is U.F.O, I just can't get enough of this.

  11. Great post!

    This item can still be quite easily bought on ebay and other similar sources at a reasonable price. The Guardian pressing however wasn't released with a picture sleeve.
    Only the rerelease on Street Beat Records came in a printed sleeve (both, the 7" and the 12" version). The Street Beat version of the 7" lacks one track (Overlord)