Sunday, May 3, 2009

SLEDGEHAMMER living in dreams 7"(1980)

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1. Living In Dreams
2. Fantasia

Sledgehammer were of the originators playing that important first wave of the NWOBHM. They formed in 1978, and played their very first gig with almighty Motorhead. This record is this three piece bands second release, and isn't all that "heavy", but still through its roughness fits into that scene. The self financed ep was released after the hype the band got from their appearance on the Compilation "Metal for Muthas".
Through that compilation is how I'd heard of the band, and picked up this single. I don't think I went any further in uncovering any of the bands later LPs or anything because by this time I as looking to move forward into heavier/faster stuff. Maiden was already on my radar, and had developed speed, gallops, and heaviness(while still rockin). In "Livin in dreams" the vox sorta remind me of Roger Daltrey singing to some faster/heavier hardrock. The riffs in both songs on this ep are pretty memorable for sure. Enjoy.


  1. Kick ass man! thanks

  2. Wow man. This is quality nwobhm. I'd heard the name, but never the music. Thanks for this. I'll keep my eyes open for other records by them.

  3. nice man. never heard these dudes. thanks a bunch friend.

  4. When i first bought this 7'' i was astonished!one of my favs!

  5. thanks great music!