Monday, May 4, 2009

SINISTER s/t 7" (1990)

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1.compulsory resignation
2.spiritual immolation
3.putrefying remains

I really stopped paying attention to most death metal in around 1993. The production, and the sounds of most bands started to sound exactly the same, with almost no variations after a while. There didn't seem to be much new happening, 'cept maybe for the over use of drum triggers. I was turned onto early death metal through my early love of metal of course, but also it stemmed from the UK stench and crust scenes of the late 1980's, and was just sort of a gradual progression I think.
Sinister were from Holland, and definitely had that Possessed, Napalm Death, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse vibe going, but added their own twist to it. Pretty sure the bassist was like 15 years old on this release.
My old band Monster X was influenced heavily by this stuff. "cross the styx" blew our minds, and John def tried to sound vocally like this. Many years later, when I was recording a Oath record in Holland, I noticed Sinister records on the wall, and commented on them to the Engineer who went on to tell me they recorded there. I was stoked. I like to blast this in my headphones when I go to the gym. It pumps me up.


  1. I have this one. Everything on Seraphic Decay rules

  2. agreed. great fucking label!

  3. Cross the Styx and the earlier singles were definitely all really good. I've always wanted to see you throw up some more death metal stuff on here, as the few I've seen you ppost ( i.e. Massacra, Hellwitch, Infernal Heirarchy, etc.) are fuckin classics.

    I'm with you on '92/93 bein the end of death metal's good run. i can't even really think of much from '93 that I got into aside from the Infernal Heirarchy 7" and Morta Skuld first record.

    Still a lot of good stuff in '92 though for sure. I dug Baphomet - The Dead shall inherit - out of the crates last night and listened. I always have to pull it out and gaze at that great cover art and then end up throwin it on the turntable to hear the Woofs and Chunks. the guitar tone on that record is just sick.

    Keep the death metal comin!!

  4. sinister rules! saw them many times. i was thinking about posting the Perpetual Damnation demo 1990 on my blog, it has the same songs + one.

  5. One of my favorite death metal bands ever. I'd love to own this ep, Its super rare.
    thanks for posting it.

  6. JBM
    yeah man, shit got stale in the early 90's. I'll keep you in mind with other death metal uploads. I loved the first Vader as well.


  7. i second jbm. more early death metal please! thanks for the work you put into this blog. jack

  8. of course Ill download this gem. saw some new sinister videos + listened last lp, for me theyre still pretty good, but im not introduced in their older stuff so much.
    yes, more early death and thrash stuff please;).
    axegrinder croatia

  9. I don't know why but the type of growls in Sinister weren't my cup of tea. Still, good band.
    The only band that comes to my head right now that was excellent and recorded their first album after 93 is Molested, from Norway. Awesome band.

  10. Big thank you for this ultrarare cult! Regards from Russia, Kostas.