Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HOLOCAUST live from raw & live tour 7" (1981)

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1.lovin feelin danger
2.no nonsense
3.death or glory
4.forcedown breakdown

Holocaust and Mythra would be my two favorite "under the radar" New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands(meaning I'm not including the obvious Iron Maiden, etc). These kids really thought they were part of a movement, though this movement didn't have much of a social or political agenda(like punk). Dudes just wanted to bring metal to the masses, and have fun playing great music and partying hard.
This ep includes four songs recorded live in 1980. The sound is amazing, and one can see how people had become excited about these guys. You can also hear the influence these young gents had on the likes of Metallica. The guitar solos at the end of the ep on breakdown were ripped by Metallica for sure. People always mention Diamond Head when talking about Metallica, I hear Holocaust. I spin this one often as you can tell by the rip. There is also video from this show that is pretty amazing. Its available on Dvd, I've seen it on Netflix oddly enough. The lyrics to death and glory are simply amazing....Enjoy.

Death Or Glory

I get so bored
Going nowhere...pissed off with life
Don't need no girl to hold me...
I only love my knife
When it's night
And I'm out on my own on the street
There's murder on my mind

I don't hate authority...
They know I'm not all bad
I know that nobody loves me...
It don't make me sad
I'm gonna stand up
To the ones who bring me down...
Murder on my mind

I can feel it now
It grows stronger every day
And my hatred grows
More and more in every way

Sing a song of death and glory
Sing a song of spite
Sing a song of good and evil
I'm gonna win my fight
I just wanna flush the shit from the street...
Murder on my mind



  1. Another classic! Thanks for this one.
    I would say these guys were one of the most under rated metal bands from Britain. The band should have been huge. It is a shame that they are still together with only one original member.


  3. wow i´ve really come to appreciate this nwobhm stuff - makes you want to go out and buy a record player and collect the stuff yourself - there´s a great sound and attitude to all this early singles , thanks a lot man - timo

  4. Can't say enough about this 7" beautiful and thank.