Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CCM into the void LP (1986)

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1. Feel Like
2. Enemy
3. Sterilized
4. Sorry
5. R.M.
6. Daymare
7. Romeo & Juliet
8. Strange Pain
9. Crushed By the Wheels of Industry
10. Into the Void

I feel like I should be posting some metal cause I'm going to see Saxon tonight. Fuck it, I've been listening to this hardcore tasty platter all weekend.
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers were maybe the 3rd or 4th Italian Band I'd ever heard. I think my initial exposure to them was from the almighty "peace compilation" dbl LP in 1985 or '86. They were also featured on a number of tape comps that I recall being passed around and traded back then. By the time I was getting into these guys, the 7"s were already sorta hard to find, and long out of print. The singer was supposedly a maniac live, cutting himself up and shit. When I got this LP the pictures on the inside sleeve made the dude look seriously sick. This was the sorta band I wanted to see live. I had already seen Raw Power at the farm, but I was dying to see CCM, the Wretched and Negazione live. Italy was the shit in the early to mid 80's. As I recall many die hards were sorta let down by this LP, not me, It's fierce and noisy.
This album got pumped alot in Niskuyana NY in 1989. I had just moved back to Albany from SF and had made friends with a bunch of punks that actually "got it". Most the other people I'd met were like NYC moshcore fanatics that seemed more interested in the violence or fighting at shows rather then the community, and the music. I'm talking about my friends, NIck, Mike J, Damon Douglas, Steve Watts, Neil Grimmer, Luke, Roger, Adam O'tool, Josh Baker, and Kevin O Sullivan. These dudes actually "got it". We would party at Damon's parents pad, listening to good music, smoking the hookah, and planning on how we would "take over" the local hardcore scene. This album was a sound track to that friendship, and those hang outs. If I recall correctly Damon bought like three copies of this LP from Timojhen at Blacklist Mailorder? Any how that is how I ended up with my first copy.

Strange pain
It's here it's in my head
Something that's gonna kill me dead
Driving me insane
I'm already drowning in my brain
I hear faces playing dice in my veins
My head is gonna crack
So many things making me bleed from inside
Another door's slammed on my face
You know I'm trapped forever in this cage
Red lights blue lights
Flashing fear
"There's too much noise" and you don't bother to hear
Somebody else's kicking my face
Another suicide and not even a trace
I thought we were walking together
Fighting for our very life
I guess now something was wrong right from the start
And now the pain is tearing me apart
And it's too late



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  2. If you could post that CCM live in Yugoslavia LP, that would be great. Never heard it and it is the only CCM I don't have. -- Sperm Sample Sam

  3. Thanks Nate! Another great record, another perfect post.
    you taking requests yet?? Haha

  4. Sperm Sample Sam?
    That's amazing.
    Sorry, I don't have that live ccm one around. Thanks for visiting though.



  6. i live in Italy.this rcord was the soundtrack to some friendships i had as well.many thank you for another memorable band and posting.
    farwell for now

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  8. This is one of the very mostest amazing records ever !!! I saw them in 86 in France and it was INSANE !!! Even crazier than the Negazione powerhouse (which my ridiculous band opened for in 87 ! Zer !).
    I've never heard of a live in Yugoslavia LP, I need that !!! The only one I know of is the awesome live in so36 (Berlin, Germany).
    Find everything:
    most CCM records, including "live in so36" + incredible compilation tracks
    demos + last show
    CCM on MySpace

  9. Thanks for this! I thought I had it already but I was mistaken. Check out my blog if you have time. I linked you.


  10. I saw CCM at the Farm with BGK and MDC during the eighties. It still stands as one of my favorite shows from that time. To make things even better, they released a videotape of that concert, which I'm sure can still be found with a little digging.

  11. then I'm fucked...I was at the BGK/MDC show as well. I don't for the life of me recall CCM playing though. Sure it wasn't Raw Power? I saw them there on a similar bill.
    I took way to much dose back then...

  12. thank you Sir! I love Italy

  13. Did these guys go on to form other bands? I'd love to know what they are up to nowdays

    danka for the music

  14. If anyone wants the rest of the CCM stuff, come visite my blog:

    Great post Nate

  15. thank you for this Nate. Another great record/post

  16. I forgot about this LP. really cool. thank you for the reminder.